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Inspiring Generosity

Giving back is important to many of our clients. It’s part of what makes us truly unique. From meeting unmet needs in your community, to giving back to causes you care about, we give you the tools and resources to take action — and create impact.

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Thrivent Action Teams

Support an unmet need in your community! Apply to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event and access tools and resources to mobilize your passion.

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Thrivent Choice®

Make a financial impact by making a personal donation or directing Thrivent Choice Dollars® to the causes and nonprofits you care about.

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Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership

Help us ensure that everyone has access to decent, safe and affordable housing. From building a home, attending a world wide trip or participating in non-build activities, you can create meaningful impact on both local and global scales.

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Thrivent Member Networks

The Thrivent Member Networks provide a framework for Thrivent members to join with others to achieve lives full of meaning and gratitude, using Thrivent programs, benefits and resources to improve the lives of others and to better their communities.

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InFaith Community Foundation

You can design a donor-advised fund that reflects your charitable interests. We'll help you make the most of your gifts. So you can put your goals into action.

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Disaster Response

When disaster unfortunately strikes, people need food, shelter and help getting back on their feet. We provide multiple ways you can support disaster relief efforts.

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