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Form CRS relationship summary PDF
TAN Form CRS relationship summary PDF
Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Regulation best interest disclosure PDF
DOL PTE 2020-02 (PDF)
DOL PTE 84-24 (PDF)
Insurance disclosure for annuities PDF
Products and service cost and compensation guide PDF
Answer guide for new members PDF
Business Continuity
Privacy notice
Municipal Securities – EMMA fact sheet PDF
Understanding mutual fund fees and expenses PDF

Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Form CRS relationship summary

Choosing to work with Thrivent Investment Management Inc. is an important decision. To help in this decision, carefully review the Form CRS Relationship Summary PDF that contains information about the types of services offered; fees, costs, conflicts of interest, and standard of conduct; disciplinary history; and how to obtain more information. Additional information about available products and services from Thrivent Investment Management Inc. are listed below:

Miscellaneous other fees and charges for brokerage and managed accounts PDF
Regulation best interest disclosure PDF
Managed accounts program brochure PDF
AdvisorFlex Managed Variable Annuity program brochure PDF
Dedicated Planning Services brochure PDF
Account Service Fee brochure PDF

Contact your financial advisor or call 800-847-4836 if you have questions about the information in this section.

Thrivent Investment Management Inc. regulation best interest disclosure

In its broker-dealer capacity, Thrivent Investment Management Inc. acts as your broker and your financial advisor acts as your registered representative to provide you with recommendations that are in your best interest based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax status, and other applicable financial information that you provide.

Review the Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Regulation Best Interest Disclosure PDF document for important information about, among other things, the broker-dealer products and/or services that may be recommended to you and material conflicts of interests associated with the recommendation. We encourage you to carefully review the Regulation Best Interest Disclosure in conjunction with the documentation you will receive for your specific investment product (e.g. prospectuses, offering statements, insurance contracts, etc.).

Contact your financial advisor or call 800-847-4836 if you have questions about the information in this disclosure section.

Retirement advice disclosures

When Thrivent Investment Management Inc. and your financial advisor provide investment advice on your retirement plan account or individual retirement account, then we are fiduciaries within the meaning of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code, as applicable, which are laws governing retirement accounts. Review the following document(s), based on your engagement to learn more about what this means.

Contact your financial advisor or call 800-847-4836 if you have questions about the information in this disclosure section.

Thrivent Product & Service Cost & Compensation Guide

Thrivent and our affiliates, financial advisor and certain personnel are compensated for the sale of products and services. Review the Product and Service Cost and Compensation Guide PDF for more details about financial advisor and Thrivent affiliates compensation. We encourage you to review additional information about the products and services available through Thrivent Investment Management Inc. and its relationship to clients that are provided in the Regulation Best Interest Disclosure and Form CRS relationship summary documents referenced below.

Thrivent Investment Management Inc. SEC Rule 606 Order Routing Disclosure

SEC Rule 606 requires broker-dealers that receive non-directed client orders in equity and option securities to disclose, on a quarterly basis, specific information about their order routing practices of such orders. The information must include the top execution venues to which such orders are routed for execution, including material aspects of the broker-dealer's relationship with such venues.

Thrivent Investment Management Inc. is a registered broker-dealer and makes available the below quarterly reports pursuant to SEC Rule 606, and will keep the quarterly reports publicly available for a period of three (3) years from the initial date of posting on our website. The quarterly reports are free of charge for each calendar quarter and published no later than one month after the end of the quarter.

Thrivent Investment Management Inc. does not engage in any material arrangements, including any internalization or payment for order flow arrangements, for any of the venues in the reports below.

Quarterly Reports




Our focus as a fraternal benefit society

Our goal at Thrivent is to continue building a long-term relationship with you to help you reach your financial goals and to increase the value of your Thrivent membership. As a fraternal benefit society, Thrivent offers programs and benefits to strengthen Christian communities so that they can serve people in need, help you be wise with money, guide you to live generously and give you access to free educational resources and discounts. We believe we succeed when our members, their families and their communities thrive.

We were founded more than 100 years ago to help people protect themselves and their families, and help others—essentially strengthening their families, communities and churches. Thrivent and our affiliates—a family of companies created to help carry out our mission—develop, market and distribute a broad range of financial products and services. We also offer certain products developed by other companies, including health insurance, major medical, life insurance, annuities and mutual funds. As a membership organization, we want to be transparent about the types of products and services that we recommend to you and help you understand why we may recommend certain products and services. Carefully review important disclosures about Thrivent and its affiliates, including conflicts of interest in connection with the products and services that we offer.

There's another major difference: our Thrivent insurance and annuity products help create the dollars that make the grassroots membership support of communities and churches possible. Funding for this support comes from tax exemptions that we've been provided as a fraternal benefit society. In effect, when we sell our Thrivent insurance and annuity products, the money we would otherwise pay in taxes is put into membership programs and services that help our members and help them give back to the community.