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Notice at Collection for California Consumers

Notice at Collection for California Consumers PDF

Thrivent is providing you with this Notice at Collection for California Consumers (the “Notice at Collection”) as required under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and its implementing regulations (collectively, the “CCPA”). This Notice at Collection only applies to California residents who have not purchased a financial product or service from Thrivent (“California Consumers”). California residents who have purchased a Thrivent product or service should refer to Thrivent’s Privacy Notice or Health Information Privacy Notice, as applicable.

For a full overview of Thrivent’s privacy practices, including how you can exercise your rights under the CCPA, please see our Privacy Policy, available at

Categories of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information collected.

Thrivent may collect the following categories of personal information and sensitive personal information for the business purposes listed below. This information may be collected directly from you or your device (e.g., mobile phone, computer, etc.) or from other sources, such as a financial advisor, service providers, contractors, and data brokers.

Categories of personal information/sensitive personal information collected

Purpose for collection and use

Identifiers (e.g., name, postal address, IP address, email address, phone number, unique visitor ID, or other similar identifiers)


Identifiers are collected so we can perform services for you, such as fulfilling an order, creating an account, honoring your request for contact, confirming your identity, or registering you for an event. Identifiers may also be collected to provide you with relevant advertising.

Protected Classifications (e.g., age, gender, race, religious affiliation, or other classification data)

Protected classifications are collected to provide services to you such as processing a request for a product quote, voluntary research efforts, to segment marketing offers to applicable audiences as allowed by law, and to evaluate our processes for unfair discrimination.

Internet or electronic network activity (e.g., browsing history, search history, information regarding your interactions with a website, mobile application, email application, or advertisement)

This information is generally collected for internal research purposes to measure consumer interaction with Thrivent online. It may also be used for targeted marketing purposes or to create a consumer profile, as allowed by law.

Geolocation (e.g., IP address which is registered to a geographic location). Thrivent does not collect precise geolocation.

Geolocation information is used for security and privacy purposes, to provide a better experience on our websites (such as providing a list of financial advisors in your area), and to provide advertising offers as allowed by law.

Sensory (e.g., audio, visual, etc. information)

Thrivent may record your voice if you call one of our call centers, or your likeness, through photos or videos, if you participate in one or more contests, campaigns, meetings, or events that solicit that information.

Other personal information (e.g., information not covered in other categories such as financial information and medical information)

This information allows us to provide you with tools and services, such as online budget and quoting tools through Personal information may not be retained in these tools and services unless you request to engage with Thrivent further. To ensure the health and safety of our employees and guests, and to comply with applicable laws and requirements, Thrivent may request immunization records, vaccine status, or health test results before allowing you to visit a Thrivent facility or participate in a Thrivent event. Thrivent may also collect other personal information from data brokers for use in internal research, analytics, and to segment marketing offers to applicable audiences as allowed by law.

Consumer Profile (e.g., any or all information in the categories listed above, including your preferences, trends, or behaviors to create a profile for you)

This information is collected for research and analytics purposes and to provide you with products and services we believe would be of interest to you. We may also aggregate consumer profiles to help us understand similar behaviors and trends which helps propel our business strategy to assist you in the future.

Sensitive Personal Information (e.g., account login, in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credentials allowing access to an account; racial or ethnic origin; religious or philosophical beliefs)

For those who have not received our Privacy Notice, Sensitive Personal Information, such as religious affiliation, may be collected to determine your eligibility for Thrivent products. (Thrivent is a Fraternal Benefits Society and commitment to our common bond—religious affiliation—is required of all current and potential Thrivent members.) Other information may be necessary to ensure that certain documents and restricted areas are accessed only by authorized personnel.


Information from data brokers and other sources is used for research and analytics, and to segment marketing offers to applicable audiences, as is allowed by law. Certain data may also be used to evaluate our processes for unfair discrimination.

Sharing and/or Selling Personal Information.

Thrivent does not share or sell, as those terms are defined in the CCPA, your personal information without your permission. If you opt-in to Thrivent sharing or selling your personal information with a third-party for advertising and social media purposes, you can change this election by either:

- Clearing cookies from your browser, or

- Visiting the Cookies Settings link in our cookie banner or in the footer of The cookie settings link will take you to Thrivent’s cookie preference center where you can turn off targeting cookies.

If we need to collect additional categories of personal information and/or sensitive personal information or use this information for a new or different purpose than provided in this Notice at Collection, we will notify you before taking any action.

Retention of Personal Information.

Thrivent retains your personal information and/or sensitive personal information only as long as it is needed for our business purposes.

Accessibility and Questions.

If you have questions about this Notice at Collection or need to access it in an alternative format due to having a disability, please contact Thrivent at 800-847-4836 or send a written request to:


4321 N. Ballard Rd.

Appleton, WI 54919