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Our board of directors and executive management work in the interest of our membership—not third-party shareholders, like publicly traded companies. We stand committed to accountability through transparency in our practices.

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The heart of Thrivent’s leadership
We’re a membership-owned, holistic Fortune 500 financial services organization dedicated to serving over two million clients' unique needs. We focus on their goals and priorities, guiding them toward financial choices that will help them live the life they want today and tomorrow.

To deliver on Our Promise, we've assembled a talented and robust body of leaders who understand the complexities of a highly regulated financial services industry. So no matter what you need, count on us to deliver trustworthy experiences that reflect what's most important to you.

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Board oversight & structure

Our board of directors, the supreme governing body, oversees all aspects of our organization and focuses on serving in the interest of our membership.

Elected by our members, the Thrivent board of directors:
  • Establishes and promotes organizational objectives and mission
  • Oversees major business decisions
  • Works with leadership to assess and manage risk

Financial information

Thrivent is a membership-owned fraternal and holistic financial services organization. As a commitment to our clients and stakeholders, we offer the following financial information.

Annual reports
Our annual reports recount Thrivent’s activities for the year and operational information.
Audited financial statements
Below are the official audit reports of our statutory financial statements.
Statutory annual statements
These statements contain information on Thrivent’s financial position and results of operations prepared in accordance with statutory accounting practices and filed with regulators.
Statutory quarterly statements
These statements contain information on Thrivent’s financial position and results of operations prepared in accordance with statutory accounting practices and filed with regulators.
For questions regarding our corporate financial information, please contact:

Joe Barnes
Director of Reporting & Controls
Thrivent’s Articles of Incorporation
Our leaders and governing body work in the interest of our membership—not third-party shareholders, like publicly traded companies. Discover more on Thrivent’s purpose in our Articles of Incorporation.

Frequently asked questions

These are our most commonly asked questions on governance structure. For the complete list, please visit our Frequently asked questions page.
What role does the board play in establishing long- and short-term strategic direction?
The role of the board is to evaluate the long-term strategic intent and short-term strategies proposed by management, challenge the assumptions and substance of the proposed strategies, approve the strategies, monitor execution and encourage changes as events require.
How does Thrivent benchmark its performance?
Thrivent has a broad range of competitors, including: other financial services companies (both stock companies and mutual organizations), fraternal benefit societies, non-profit entities and others.
How is the board elected?
Thrivent has a representative form of government with each benefit member's vote carrying equal weight. Each year, Thrivent Member Networks and the board of directors can nominate candidates for election to the board. Three to four board positions are up for election each year, and directors serve four-year terms.
Are the roles of Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer split or combined at Thrivent?
At Thrivent, the roles of board chair and chief executive officer are split. Bonnie E. Raquet serves as board chair (she has served on the board since 2010 and has served as chair since 2018). Teresa J. Rasmussen has served as president and CEO since November 2018.
What policies govern the board?
We're committed to acting with integrity in all of our business dealings. Key governing policies include our Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy and Governance Guidelines and Principles.

Our compensation philosophy

Thrivent is a Fortune 500 company, with a national sales force and over 2 million members. With a responsibility for managing billions of dollars in insurance and investment products, we need strong and talented leaders who understand the complexities of the highly regulated financial services industry. They also need to have a passion for strengthening their communities. That is why we make compensation decisions at every level of the organization based on our Total Rewards Philosophy.

  • Thrivent is a membership organization of Christians. We help people achieve financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.
  • We are called to serve. We believe our purpose is a key differentiator, and that our success depends on the unique talents, experiences, ideas and contributions of our people.
  • We believe attracting and retaining people who are dedicated to our purpose and who are trustworthy in character and competence will create long-term value for our membership. We accomplish this by offering fair and competitive rewards, creating opportunities for continued development and growth, and nurturing a performance-oriented culture in which employees are rewarded and recognized for delivering results. We do not believe that attracting people who are solely motivated by compensation is in the long-term interest of our membership.
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To request additional
information, please contact:
Cindy Nigbur

For media requests, please contact Jenna Reck, VP of Enterprise Communications or Samantha Mehrotra, Senior Public Relations Manager

Thrivent will initially receive and process communications before forwarding
them to the addressee. Communications may also be referred to other departments within Thrivent if applicable. We generally will not forward to the board any communication that is primarily commercial in nature, that relates to an improper or irrelevant topic or that requests general information about Thrivent.