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Nov 3, 2021
No matter where you are in life—or what your finances look like now—we’ll help you create a dedicated strategy that fits your values. You can work with a financial advisor in either a one-time or ongoing relationship, for a fee, to identify strategies with objective written recommendations that help you build a more stable financial future.
Marriage. Divorce. Having a baby. Sending a child to college. Losing a job. Starting a new one. When major life changes arise, it may also be time for some financial adjustments. We can help you review your insurance coverage, assess your savings and investments, and adjust your overall strategy—all to reflect your new goals and circumstances.
Nov 12, 2021
The rewards of work include what comes next. Saving and planning for retirement helps ensure you’ll have the resources you need when the time arrives. We can provide insight—and access to financial products that can help you reach your goals.
Oct 26, 2021
To cover education costs, every dollar makes a difference. We’ll help you factor in how savings plans, scholarships, grants, work-study and other options can contribute to your needs—and potentially minimize your reliance on student loans.

Nov 4, 2021
For many clients, financial strategy includes making a difference—now, and in the future. We can help you craft a strategy that includes ways to support the people, organizations and causes you care most about.
Start with a strong foundation
Much like a blueprint for building a house, your financial plan is designed to reflect your unique values, needs and aspirations. Using the financial house, your financial advisor will help you prioritize important goals, build a solid foundation, and revisit your financial plan to track your progress over time.

We start with the foundation, focusing on stability and protection for your most valuable asset, your income.

Next, you begin to accumulate savings for financial goals—like retirement, education or a large purchase like a trip, a wedding or second home.

Now we transition to how to use the assets you have saved to help realize your goals. This step can include turning a dream purchase into reality, paying for a child’s education, or creating a lifetime income source.

Your legacy guides how your wealth can be efficiently managed and distributed for those you care about, including after you're gone.
Building your financial house
Every dream home starts with a blueprint.

Build your financial house

We'll start with a blueprint everyone's on board with and work from there. Investing our time and expertise in you, your loved ones and your dreams, let's get started on your path to financial clarity.

Purpose-based advice that delivers

Combining trust, understanding and action to deliver
the solutions you need.
The best financial guidance and advice should focus on your personal goals and dreams. And that takes a personal connection. We can help.
Thrivent and its financial advisors and professionals do not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. Consult your attorney or tax professional.