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Managed Accounts

Personalized attention—and the experience of financial professionals—combine to help you pursue your investment goals.
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Put investment professionals to work—in your best interest
What are managed accounts?
Managed accounts are financial portfolios that you own, but they're managed by an investment professional (your Thrivent financial advisor or another designated portfolio manager). Managed account portfolio managers are required to act in your best interest. They may buy and sell assets within the managed account as long as—depending on the type of managed account you select—you approve those decisions, or they're guided by your goals.

Who are they for?
Managed accounts can be a good fit for individuals and families who prefer to have their investments monitored and managed by experienced financial professionals. Managed accounts might not appeal to people who prefer a DIY approach to investing.

How are they used?
People choose managed accounts as a way to help save for retirement, plan for education costs, establish a legacy and pursue other lifelong financial goals.

Our approach helps you discover if a managed account is a good fit

Nov 3, 2021
Your Thrivent financial advisor assesses your overall investment strategy, helps you understand how managed accounts might help you reach your goals, and provides information about your available options.

If you’re uncertain whether a managed account is right for you at this time, your Thrivent financial advisor can also help you explore other solutions to address your financial needs.
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Pursue purposeful investing
At Thrivent, we understand that your rate of return may be only part of the equation. We help you find managed accounts that align with all your priorities—and reflect your most closely held values.

For example, you may favor socially responsible investments that have environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) impacts. Or, you may want a managed account to help you support loved ones—or an organization or cause you care about.
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Compare your managed account options
Thrivent offers a variety of managed account programs to choose from. So, you can select one that fits your unique needs and carries a level of financial risk that you’re comfortable taking on.

The investment assets in some managed accounts are recommended or determined by your Thrivent financial advisor. For other accounts, those decisions are made by third-party portfolio managers.
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Consider important factors
As you decide which managed account program to choose, we help you compare details of all our offerings. We encourage you to consider many factors, including:
  • Fee structure
  • Asset mix
  • How involved you’d be in portfolio adjustments
  • How you’d receive interest, dividends and potential capital gains

Thrivent’s Managed Accounts Program

Thrivent clients have access to a variety of managed account programs. Some of these programs offer managed accounts built with a model portfolio of assets, chosen to suit a particular type of investor or investment goal.

Look for a managed accounts program that suits your needs and investing style. Options differ in various ways, including:
  • Assets your account can include.
  • Minimum amount you can invest.
  • Who chooses the initial asset mix.
  • Who approves asset mix changes.

Ask your Thrivent financial advisor about Thrivent managed account programs that feel like a good fit for you.
Thrivent Advisor Program
Working with your Thrivent financial advisor, you build a portfolio using a variety of investments. Your financial advisor offers ongoing guidance and recommendations—but you make the final decisions on all investments in the managed account.
Thrivent Advisor Guided Program
You work with your Thrivent financial advisor to develop an asset allocation strategy or model portfolio. Then your financial advisor conducts transactions in the managed account—which may involve adjusting the strategy or model portfolio, if considered appropriate.
Thrivent SELECT Managed Portfolios
These portfolios, built by Thrivent Asset Management, are designed for a range of investment styles, to help you continue meeting your financial goals as they evolve over time. Options include tax-deferred or tax-sensitive investments.
Thrivent Income-Focused Managed Portfolios
These portfolios, built by Thrivent Asset Management, offer two distribution options. One model distributes all interest, dividends and capital gains to clients at intervals they choose. The other automatically reinvests all income back into the account.
Thrivent GENESIS Managed Portfolios
These portfolios, built by BlackRock Investment Management, LLC, reflect a tactical investment approach, with allocations strategically crafted to maximize investment opportunities.
Thrivent Shepherd Managed Portfolios
Choose from a series of well-diversified portfolios constructed by Vanguard Investment Strategy Group.
Thrivent Impact Managed Portfolios
These diversified portfolios are designed to align with your values—and your commitment to invest with purpose. Some of the portfolios use environmental, social, corporate governance (ESG) or other values-based criteria to rank assets for inclusion in the portfolio, while other Impact Managed portfolios seek socially responsible, sustainable, impact or faith-based investment opportunities.
Thrivent AdvisorFlex Managed Variable Annuiity
Combine the benefits of a flexible premium deferred variable annuity with the personalized service of an advisory program. You may choose from a variety of investment options.
Thrivent Shield Managed Portfolio
These portfolios are built by Fund Evaluation Group, LLC, with the objective to provide diversification of your investments—and downside protection during times of falling markets.
Thrivent Separately Managed Accounts
Access investment advisory services from select third-party portfolio managers. You benefit from their experience and receive an investment strategy designed to achieve your financial objectives.
Thrivent Unified Managed Accounts
When you centralize your assets within this program, your Thrivent financial advisor analyzes your objectives and recommends how you can effectively coordinate various investments to work together under a single, unified strategy.

Thrivent serves millions of clients—while earning recognition for its ethical practices

number 2.3 million
Serving 2.3 million
clients (December 2022)
Thrivent was named one of the
"World's Most Ethical Companies" by the Ethisphere
Institute 12 years in a row.*
Fortune 500
Ranked 412th on the
Fortune 500 (June 2023)
number 2.3 million
Serving 2.3 million
clients (December 2022)
Thrivent was named one of the
"World's Most Ethical Companies" by the Ethisphere
Institute 12 years in a row.*
Fortune 500
Ranked 412th on the
Fortune 500 (June 2023)

Frequently asked questions

More details about this investment option from Thrivent.
What assets can be included in a managed account?
Thrivent’s managed account programs offer portfolios containing a variety of asset classes and investment options, including:
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
Like most mutual funds, ETFs offer access to professional portfolio managers and broad diversification. But, like stocks, they can be traded throughout the day. That means fund managers of accounts containing stocks or ETFs can react to market fluctuations as they occur.
How does an account’s asset mix change, over time?
At various times, a managed account’s assets may be adjusted, based on economic factors and the goals you want to achieve with the program.
Do I approve every change in my account’s asset mix?
Your involvement in decisions about asset reallocation depends on the managed account program you select. Options available through Thrivent’s Managed Accounts Program include:

Discretionary accounts
An authorized investment advisor representative (your Thrivent financial advisor, Envestnet "Platform Manager", or Sub-Manager) may buy, sell and trade assets without securing your approval for each transaction.

Nondiscretionary accounts
Every purchase, sale or trade requires your prior approval.
How much money do you need to open a managed account?
Each managed account program has its own minimum investment requirement. No accounts within Thrivent’s Managed Accounts Program may be opened with a total market value of less than $25,000.
How are the account’s fees calculated?
Generally, a managed account’s annual fees are based on a percentage of the market value of the Eligible Program Assets in the Account as of the last business day of the end of the quarter. Other fees may apply, as well.
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Personalized advice leads to informed investment decisions
Discuss managed accounts (and more) with
a Thrivent financial advisor.
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Investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal. The product and summary prospectuses for applicable securities (including mutual funds held in an account) and the Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Managed Accounts Program Brochure contain information on investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, which investors should read carefully and consider before investing. Available at

While diversification can help reduce market risk, it does not eliminate it. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Refer to the Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Form CRS Relationship Summary for more information about us; our relationships and services; fees, costs, conflicts and standard of conduct; disciplinary history; and additional information. Available upon request from your financial advisor and at

BlackRock Investment Management, LLC, Vanguard Investment Strategy Group and Fund Evaluation Group, LLC are not affiliated with Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC is an affiliate of Thrivent Investment Management Inc.

While Impact Model Providers seek ESG, responsible, sustainable, impact or faith-based investment options, investments included within their models could hold securities that deviate from the stated philosophy. Additionally, Impact model portfolios may forego certain investment opportunities to achieve their philosophies and, as a result, these model portfolios could underperform the broader investment market and other investment opportunities.

Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc., a registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC, and a subsidiary of Thrivent, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Thrivent financial advisors are registered representatives of Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Advisory services are available through investment adviser representatives only. Thrivent Investment Management Inc. is the sponsoring investment adviser of the Managed Accounts Program offered through Envestnet Asset Management Inc., a third-party provider of investment management services. Security transactions are handled by National Financial Services LLC, a Fidelity Investments® Company, registered broker-dealer, and member New York Stock Exchange and SIPC. National Financial Services, Envestnet Asset Management and Thrivent Investment Management Inc. are not affiliated. In all programs except the Thrivent Advisor Guided Program, your Thrivent financial advisor does not have discretionary trading authority. See

Eligible program assets may consist of Thrivent Mutual Funds. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC serves as investment manager for Thrivent Mutual Funds and receives a management fee for its services, as disclosed in the applicable funds’ prospectuses. Thrivent Investment Management Inc. ("Thrivent") and its affiliates may earn distribution and other fees in connection with Thrivent Mutual Funds. These fees are in addition to the investment advisory fee you pay quarterly for the Impact, Advisor, Advisor Guided, SELECT, Income-Focused and Unified Managed accounts. Generally, it is more profitable for Thrivent if you purchase products that are underwritten and advised by Thrivent and its affiliates, such as Thrivent Mutual Funds.

For all funds and investments, other fees may apply. Fees and expenses vary by fund and are described in the applicable funds’ prospectuses. Depending on certain factors, including but not limited to your holding period, you may pay more or less in total fees in a Managed Accounts Program versus paying separately for services, such as the purchase of a mutual fund with a sales load.