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Is your smartphone secure?

Smartphones are a great tool for keeping connected. They can be the key to the personal, online and even the financial parts of your life. Imagine if someone else held those keys.

Open Wi-Fi networks are plentiful. Did you know that identity thieves may be able to access personal information on your smartphone through those networks, depending on the security provided? Make sure you understand the security of the network you're on to safeguard your information.

A benefit of your Thrivent Financial membership

If your personal information is ever compromised over an unsecure network or by other means, an identity protection service can help. And identity protection is just one of the ways your Thrivent membership goes beyond your financial products. Thrivent offers you a choice of identity monitoring plans – either FREE or at a significant discount.

You can access daily credit monitoring, dedicated identity theft resolution agents, identity theft insurance3 and more.

  • Choose either the ProtectMyID® Select2 option, which is free for two years and then available at a discount, or the discounted, more comprehensive ProtectMyID option1.
  • Get daily credit report checks for 50 leading indicators of identity theft.
  • Receive email or text alerts if your identity is stolen.
  • Get help from an Identity Theft Resolution Agent.

The plan is provided by Experian® ProtectMyID, a leading full-service provider of identity theft monitoring, detection and fraud resolution.

Your identity is a valuable asset; help protect yours with this membership benefit. Enroll now!

Get Identity Theft Protection in 2016

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Identity monitoring membership benefit comparison

Features ProtectMyID ProtectMyID Select
Member discounted pricing $10.35 per month/$103.50 per year (35% discount)1 Free first 2 years (discounted pricing thereafter)
Daily credit report monitoring with email alerts Experian
Experian credit report at sign-up
Experian Vantage Score 3.04 and additional credit reports Available at a discounted price from Experian Available at a discounted price from Experian
Fraud resolution support – a highly trained agent works with you from start to finish if your identity is stolen
ID theft insurance – reimbursement for eligible expenses, e.g., lost wages, fraudulent fund transfers, lawyer fees3 up to $1 million up to $10,000
Internet scan – monitors illicit use of your Social Security, credit and debit card numbers online  
Change of address monitoring – alerts you to address changes at national and credit report levels  
Lost wallet protection – allows you to quickly cancel your cards if stolen  
Mobile applications – view alerts and tips via iPhone or Android
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