Thrivent AdvisorFlex Variable Annuity Investment Options

Thrivent AdvisorFlex Variable Annuity™ provides flexibility for your investing needs within a managed account structure. It combines access to proprietary and nonproprietary subaccount options with the insurance benefits of a variable annuity. Your financial professionals can help create a portfolio that meets your objectives and investing style, while balancing potential return and risk.

Which subaccounts may be right for you?

One of our financial professionals will guide you by finding the right portfolio mix that meets your objectives and investing style. Take a look at our Thrivent AdvisorFlex Variable Annuity™ options:

  • Domestic Equity Portfolios

    Large Blend

    • American Funds IS Growth-Income
    • MFS® Blended Research® Core Equity
    • Thrivent Large Cap Index

    Large Value

    • Fidelity® VIP Value1
    • MFS® Value
    • Thrivent Large Cap Value

    Large Growth

    • Thrivent Large Cap Growth
    • Vanguard® VIF Capital Growth9

    Mid Cap

    • MFS® Mid Cap Value
    • Janus Henderson Enterprise
    • Thrivent Mid Cap Growth
    • Thrivent Mid Cap Index
    • Thrivent Mid Cap Stock
    • Thrivent Mid Cap Value

    Small Cap

    • DFA VA U.S. Targeted Value
    • Principal Small Cap
    • Thrivent Small Cap Index
    • Thrivent Small Cap Stock
    • Thrivent Small Cap Growth
    • Vanguard® VIF Small Company Growth9

    Multicap Core

    • Thrivent All Cap
    • Thrivent ESG Index
    • Vanguard® VIF Total Stock Market Index9
  • Global Equity Portfolios
    • American Funds IS Global Growth
    • Thrivent Global Stock
    • Thrivent Low Volatility Equity
  • International Equity Portfolios
    • American Funds IS International
    • DFA VA International Small
    • Fidelity® VIP Emerging Markets
    • Fidelity® VIP International Capital Appreciation1
    • John Hancock International Equity Index Trust B2
    • MFS® International Intrinsic Value
    • Principal Diversified International
    • Thrivent Partner Emerging Markets Equity3
    • Thrivent International Allocation4
    • Thrivent International Index
    • Vanguard® VIF International9
  • Sector Equity Portfolios
    • MFS® Global Real Estate
    • MFS® Technology
    • Thrivent Real Estate Securities
    • Thrivent Partner Healthcare5
  • Income and Allocation Portfolios
    • Thrivent Balanced Income Plus
    • Thrivent Diversified Income Plus
  • Fixed-Income Portfolios

    Short-Term Bond

    • Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond
    • Vanguard® VIF Short-Term Investment-Grade9

    Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Bond

    • BlackRock Total Return V.I.
    • John Hancock Core Bond Trust6
    • MFS® Corporate Bond
    • Principal Government & High Quality Bond8
    • Thrivent Income
    • Vanguard® VIF Total Bond Market Index9

    Long-Term Bond

    • PIMCO VIT Long-Term U.S. Government

    Inflation-Protected Bond

    • PIMCO VIT Real Return

    High-Yield Bond

    • Thrivent High Yield

    Multisector Bond

    • John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Trust7
    • Thrivent Multidimensional Income
    • Thrivent Opportunity Income Plus

    Global Bond

    • PIMCO VIT Global Bond (Unhedged)
    • Templeton Global Bond VIP

    Emerging-Markets Bond

    • PIMCO VIT Emerging Markets Bond
  • Money Market
    • Thrivent Money Market
  • Fixed Account Options10
    • Thrivent Fixed Account
    • Thrivent DCA Fixed Account

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