Our focus as a fraternal benefit society

Our goal at Thrivent is to continue building a long-term relationship with you to help you reach your financial goals, and to increase the value of your Thrivent membership. As a fraternal benefit society, Thrivent offers programs and benefits to strengthen Christian communities so that they can serve people in need, help you be wise with money, guide you to live generously, and give you access to free educational resources and discounts. We believe we succeed when our members, their families and their communities thrive.

We were founded more than 100 years ago to help people protect themselves and their families, and help others – essentially strengthening their families, communities and churches. Thrivent and our affiliates – a family of companies created to help carry out our mission – develop, market and distribute a broad range of financial products and services. We also offer certain products developed by other companies, including health insurance, major medical, life insurance, annuities and mutual funds. As a membership organization, we want to be transparent about the types of products and services that we recommend to you and help you understand why we may recommend certain products and services. Carefully review important disclosures about Thrivent and its affiliates, including conflicts of interest in connection with the products and services that we offer.

There's another major difference: our Thrivent insurance and annuity products help create the dollars that make the grassroots membership support of communities and churches possible. Funding for this support comes from tax exemptions that we've been provided as a fraternal benefit society. In effect, when we sell our Thrivent insurance and annuity products, money we would otherwise pay in taxes is put into the membership programs and services that help our members and help them give back to the community.

Products and services available through Thrivent financial professionals

Thrivent and its affiliates offer a broad range of products and services designed to help you meet your financial goals and needs. Thrivent financial professionals offer and sell Thrivent annuities and insurance products. In limited circumstances, a Thrivent financial professional may offer an annuity or insurance product underwritten by a non-proprietary insurance company. In addition, Thrivent financial professionals offer and sell securities and investment advisory services through Thrivent Investment Management Inc. a dually registered broker-dealer and investment adviser. As a broker-dealer, the firm can buy and sell securities, including mutual funds and variable insurance products, on behalf of its clients. As an investment adviser, the firm offers investment advisory products and services, including managed accounts and financial planning services. Thrivent Investment Management Inc. also provides principal underwriting and distribution services for Thrivent variable life and annuity products.

Thrivent financial professionals and affiliate compensation

The amount and type of compensation a financial professional receives from Thrivent and its affiliates will depend on the relationship between the financial professional and Thrivent. Financial professionals who are independent contractors are paid commissions or other compensation when you purchase or invest in a product or account and during the time you own it. Financial professionals who are part of the Thrivent Financial Guidance Team are employees and receive a salary. In addition to commissions and or salary paid to financial professionals, they may also be paid additional compensation based on factors including the total volume of product sales, length of time that you continue to pay premiums or keep assets invested in the products sold, and the profitability of the products.

Field management personnel, who supervise and coach financial professionals, are paid when financial professionals sell products. Some Thrivent corporate employees also are paid because they provide related training and support.

It is more profitable for the organization to sell products issued by Thrivent and our affiliates (for example, Thrivent Mutual Funds and Thrivent variable annuities) than those issued by other companies. As a result, we have a financial incentive to recommend them over other companies' products. In addition, Thrivent and its affiliates pay one another and receive payments from third-party companies when you purchase products from us. A potential conflict of interest exists when we benefit from these recommendations.

Our financial professionals recommend products and services based on your particular financial situation and objective, risk tolerance and other factors. You should also carefully evaluate each product and recommendation.

Review the Product and Service Cost and Compensation Guide (PDF) for more details about financial professional and Thrivent affiliates compensation. Contact your financial professional or call 800-847-4863 if you have questions about the information in this section. If requested, a licensed insurance agent/producer may contact you and financial solutions, including insurance may be solicited.