The Power of Membership

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Thrivent is more than insurance and financial products. We're a membership-owned, holistic financial services organization dedicated to serving the unique needs of our clients.

We offer a suite of benefits, tools and resources to help you live the life you want today – and tomorrow. And the power of those benefits – in our members' hands – makes an impact in communities across the country every day.

Volunteer And Give

As members see needs in their communities, we put resources in their hands strengthening them as they help others.

  • Thrivent Member Networks

    Thrivent Member Networks bring together local Thrivent members for impactful educational and community giving events. To learn more about Thrivent Member Networks or to see how they're helping activate members in a specific region, visit and choose a location.

    Thrivent Member Networks
  • Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership

    Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership brings Thrivent members together with others in their church and communities to build safe and affordable housing. Impact is made through the Faith Builds home building program or by participating in a Worldwide trip to an international build site or disaster recovery site.

    Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent
  • Thrivent Action Teams

    Thrivent Action Teams offer members who are leading volunteer teams the tools and resources to create memorable volunteer experiences and increase impact on causes they’re passionate about.

    Thrivent Action Teams
  • Thrivent Choice®

    Thrivent Choice®, in partnership with InFaith Community Foundation, provides a platform to make online donations to enrolled organizations – and Thrivent pays the processing fees. Members can nominate organizations to be part of the program and eligible members can recommend where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable outreach funds.

    Thrivent Choice®
  • Disaster Response

    Disaster response gives Thrivent members multiple ways to respond to a regional or national disaster in multiple ways – in real time – with an open heart, helping hands and generosity.

    Disaster Response

Support And Assist

As members face loss, we offer the warm embrace of membership, providing thoughtful resources and support.

  • Care Package for Grieving Parents

    If you or someone you know has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or the loss of a newborn, this special care package was created for you. Keep the care package for yourself or share it with others to help with healing. It includes an adult-sized blanket and Grieving the Child I Never Knew devotional – originating from the personal journey of renowned author Kathe Wunnenberg. Eligible  More Information member parents who are coping with loss can receive a financial grant to be used in whatever way the parent wishes.

    Order Complimentary Care Package

    Apply for financial grant

    CloseGrant Eligibility

    The care package will be sent with the grant. You may qualify for this grant if your child was stillborn (21 weeks or later) or passed away within 60 days of birth and, as the child's mother or father, you can answer "yes" to the following:

    • At the time of my child's passing, I was a benefit member of Thrivent, or had applied for a qualifying product that was later issued to me and a valid membership application was submitted. (Note: You become a benefit member when you apply for, and purchase, a qualifying Thrivent insurance or annuity product, like disability income or life insurance.)
    • I am completing this application within two years of my child's passing.
    • I understand that I may only receive one grant from Thrivent for this loss.

    Apply now

    If you meet the above eligibility requirements, please complete the brief Infant Loss Benefit Application (PDF).


    Care Package for Grieving Parents
  • Grieving With Hope: Finding Comfort as You Journey Through Loss

    Grief does not follow neatly outlined stages. When you're going through it, it feels like it will never end. You jump back and forth between different emotions, sometimes wrestling with many at the same time. But the good news is that peace is possible, even amid the heartache and pain.

    Practical and straightforward, yet warm and compassionate, Grieving With Hope is packed with short, gospel-centered, topical chapters addressing the issues grieving people face but are often hesitant to mention to others. Life is never the same after you lose someone. But this honest and hope-filled book can help you grieve in a healthy way that leads to ultimate healing.

    Order printed book

    Grieving With Hope: Finding Comfort as You Journey Through Loss
  • Step by Step: Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies

    Losing a loved one is a difficult and deeply personal experience. While family and friends provide comfort and emotional support, you may still feel overwhelmed by the administrative tasks that lie ahead. Knowing what steps to take – and when – can help you feel more in control of your life and lift some stress off your shoulders.

    Download the book

    Order printed book

    Step by Step: Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies
  • Legacy Support for Orphaned Children Benefit

    Provides financial assistance to orphaned children of Thrivent benefit members.

    • Eligible More Information orphaned children receive a charitable grant ($2,400 per year) until age 19.
    • The charitable grants continue when the child attends college full time, until age 23.
    • Based on financial need, orphan college students also can apply for an education grant of $1,500 per year to help with tuition and academic expenses for up to four years.
    • Learn more

      Contact your Thrivent financial professional.

      If you don't have a one, we're just a click or call away.
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      CloseGrant Eligibility

      For the child to be eligible for the benefit, he or she must be younger than 19 or not yet graduated from high school and must also have lost both parents, one of whom was a Thrivent benefit member at the time of death, or have lost the parent who was the child's sole custodian and was a Thrivent benefit member at the time of death. A "benefit member" is someone 16 years or older who meets membership eligibility, has been admitted for membership and has a qualified connection to a Thrivent insurance or annuity product or received a settlement agreement from such insurance.


    Legacy Support for Orphaned Children Benefit

Equip And Inspire

As members encounter unmet needs, we leverage our collective strength to provide access to resources that build their confidence.

  • Thrivent Member Wall Calendar

    Each year, Thrivent creates a wall calendar filled with beautiful photos and inspirational messages submitted by our members. Pre-order your 2021 calendar with reflections on a life full of meaning and gratitude.

    Thrivent's Annual Wall Calendar
  • Thrivent Magazine

    Thrivent magazine helps readers make smart money decisions that reflect their values.

    Thrivent Magazine
  • Your Will and Estate Planning Guide (PDF)

    Your Will and Estate Planning Guide walks you through key decisions and provides tips to help you confidently create or update your will.

    Your Will and Estate Planning Guide
  • Thrivent Member Network Workshops and Events

    Thrivent Member Network workshops and events provide members resources to help them move forward in life and reach their own higher purpose.

    Thrivent Member Network Workshops and Events
  • Identity Monitoring and Protection

    Thrivent members have access to a free or a highly discounted subscription More Information to monitor their personal information for unusual activity that could be a sign of identity theft.

    • Choose Experian's ProtectMyID Select® option for daily credit report monitoring with email alerts, identity theft insurance and more.
    • Choose Experian's ProtectMyID® option for added protection including internet scans, lost wallet protection and mobile applications.
    • Identity Monitoring FAQs

    For more details:
    Identity Monitoring Brochure (PDF)

    Enroll today for this member benefit
    Experian ProtectMyID® Select
    Experian ProtectMyID®


    Identity Monitoring and Protection
  • Resources for Independent Living

    Designed with both the caregiver and family member in mind, resources for independent living provide tools and resources needed as a loved one ages. Family members can connect around the aging individual, share information and stay informed.

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    Resources for Independent Living
  • Health Discounts

    Members have access to a package of discounts that may help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for dental, vision or hearing services and products, and/or prescription drugs. This benefit is designed for Thrivent members who don't have health insurance or Medicare coverage for the services or prescription drugs they need.

    For more details:
    Health Discounts Brochure (PDF)

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    Health discounts disclosures More Information


    Health Discounts
  • Uninsurable Child Life Insurance Benefit

    Thrivent Members can purchase life insurance coverage for eligible More Information children under age 16 deemed uninsurable, so they can remain protected during their lifetime.

    • Provides the opportunity to purchase $10,000 of whole life insurance coverage on the child.
    • Provides financial security for the family.
    • Continues coverage into adulthood.

    Learn more

    Contact your Thrivent financial professional.

    If you don't have a one, we're just a click or call away.
    Find a Thrivent financial professional


    An "eligible child" is one who must be under age 16 when the original application for Thrivent life insurance on the child is submitted. The child does not currently have any Thrivent life insurance coverage. At least one parent, legal guardian, grandparent or great-grandparent must (a) be a current Thrivent member and (b) must have been a member for at least 60 days prior to the application for the Uninsurable Child Life Insurance Benefit being submitted.


    Uninsurable Child Life Insurance Benefit