A fulfilling retirement starts with confidence in your plan.

You deserve a fulfilling retirement, and to have confidence in the steps you’re taking to reach your goals. Wherever you are in your retirement journey, preparation is key. We offer the tools and guidance to ensure you feel comfortable with a plan that keeps your priorities at the forefront.

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Let’s start by identifying your retirement style.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to retirement. The right approach for you should not only fit, but feel sustainable in the long run. Whether you’re a cautious saver or a savvy investor, our expert guidance can be an invaluable asset along the way.

The IncomeMatch® fact finder helps you better understand your risk tolerance level based on your responses to 10 quick questions. Then, we can move forward with a tailored retirement approach that’s right for you.

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How much will retirement cost?

A crucial step in the retirement planning process is to decide how you want to spend your time in retirement, which will then allow you to determine how much it will cost. This amount is different for everyone and is based on your expenses and the income you’ll have to cover them. That said, a general rule of thumb is to anticipate needing around 12 times your pre-retirement salary in retirement.

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Are you on track to meet your goals?

To be fully prepared to enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed of, you’ll also need to consider your priorities in retirement and the financial means you have to ensure they’re protected. The amount you’ve saved, the accounts you have and your asset mix are all part of this equation.

Our retirement income planning tool takes your current approach into account so we can see where adjustments can be made to optimize your plan or start anew.

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Solutions to help you feel comfortable now, and in retirement.

We offer a variety of portfolio options, along with expert financial guidance to ensure your retirement strategy helps you reach your goals.

Convert your savings into a steady income stream.

Annuities help you save money for retirement as well as provide you with income when you get there. They also give you the power to decide when and how to take withdrawals. You might be interested in annuities if you want to:

  • Receive income when and how you need it.
  • Potentially pay a death benefit to the people and causes you care about.

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Invest for the long term

With mutual funds, your assets are spread across a variety of investment choices, managed by investment professionals. They also offer liquidity, so you can access your assets when you need to. Look into mutual funds if you want:

  • Easier to buy, flexible investment options.
  • To diversify your portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds.

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Explore new financial opportunities

With an IRA, you decide how to invest your contributions to help meet your goals. Two of the most common types of IRA are traditional and Roth, but there are more options available. You might want to look further into an IRA if you’re interested in:

  • Long-term retirement savings.
  • A variety of options, including annuities, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

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Protect loved ones & leave a legacy

Life insurance protects your family — something you’ll want to do long after your working years. You may especially want to revisit your coverage needs if you have ever relied on employer-offered life insurance. In retirement, life insurance can help you:

  • Ensure financial stability for the people who depend on you, in case you pass away.
  • Receive a source of retirement income through potential cash value.
  • Establish a lasting legacy for your family, church or others.

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