Our Journey To Overcoming Racism And Economic Insecurity

At Thrivent we believe humanity thrives when people make the most of all God has given them. Yet the ability to thrive is fundamentally hindered for those who disproportionately face systemic inequities, racism and discrimination due to the color of their skin.

Communities across the country have experienced a range of emotions – anger, sorrow, frustration and, at times, hope – as conversations around race and equity continue in response to the death of George Floyd.

You can read about Thrivent's response in a letter from President and CEO Teresa Rasmussen posted here.

In her message, Terry shares Thrivent's commitment as an organization to continue down the long road to real change.

Listening, learning and responding

We invite you to join us as we listen, learn and respond to the unique needs in communities across the country. We are:

  • Engaging churches supporting local people and families through community action.
  • Supporting organizations serving minority-owned small businesses.
  • Strengthening and supporting current non-profit partnerships serving affected communities.
  • Mobilizing and supporting our workforce, clients and the community.

A great way for you to get involved is through our Thrivent Member Networks, which are creating local plans to make a difference.

In the coming weeks, you can visit your Thrivent Member Network page to learn about local plans and ways you can join with organizations making an impact in your area.

Amplify your impact with Thrivent generosity programs

We also invite you to amplify our collective impact through Thrivent's generosity programs. And don’t forget to check out your Thrivent Member Network page to learn about potential matching opportunities and challenge grants!


Clients with a Thrivent membership can lead a Thrivent Action Team to support education, fundraising, and hands-on service activities. Thrivent Action Teams supporting communities affected by civil unrest will be expedited; please use the code Community2020 when submitting your application.


Looking to make a donation*? Review the Thrivent Choice Catalog and support one of 40,000 churches and organizations across the country meeting local needs in your community. Thrivent will cover all payment processing fees so 100% of your donation goes to the organization.

Thank you for joining us as we work to make a better future for all.