Disaster Response

When tragedy strikes, many of us ask: "What can I do?" From hands-on activities through Thrivent Action Teams to charitable giving through Thrivent Choice®, together we can help communities and people in need when regional or national disasters happen.

Hurricane Dorian

Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian. While Thrivent isn't offering a match for personal donations, we encourage you to use your member benefits to help those in need. You can lead a Thrivent Action Team, make a personal donation or direct Thrivent Choice Dollars®.

And don't forget to check with your Thrivent Member Network to see if local activities are planned to support organizations assisting with recovery efforts.

Member's Voice

"We wanted to respond [to the Washington mudslide] in a way that was simply more than writing a check, but to do what we could to serve the community of Oso."*