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What's happening at Thrivent: Winter 2023

2024 Live Generously T-shirt design is here

The new 2024 gray Live Generously T-shirts, sporting the new design selected by 49% of voters through online voting in August, will start appearing in Thrivent Action Kits in January.

Thrivent clients with membership are eligible to lead Thrivent Action Teams to support a fundraiser, service activity or educational event. In addition to soft, tri-blend Live Generously T-shirts for the volunteers on your project, Thrivent Action Kits can include:

  • A Community Impact Card with up to $250 in seed money.
  • A personalized web page and other digital tools to promote the activity.
  • Thank-you cards, name tags, stickers and more.

“When first developing the shirt in 2014, we asked ourselves: ‘What if we could use these shirts to spark a movement of generosity far beyond the volunteer project? What if we could create something that inspired people to act while also creating recognition for Thrivent?’ What we came up with is a statement so bold and meaningful that the shirts quickly became one of the most well-loved items in our closets,” says Emily Hendren, manager of the Thrivent Action Teams program.

As of 2023, there are 13 million Live Generously T-shirts in circulation, in an array of colors and designs. They’re manufactured by Bella+Canvas, a company that cites eco-friendly processes, including extensive recycling and a small carbon footprint.

There’s still time to apply for a Thrivent Action Team to help someone this year, or you can apply now for a fundraiser, service activity or educational event to lead in January. Find out what others are doing and get some inspiration by visiting the Thrivent Action Teams Hub.

Thrivent Member Network corner

Thrivent Member Networks are communities of clients committed to helping others make an impact locally and reach their financial goals. As 2023 comes to a close, consider:

Helping a favorite nonprofit by using Thrivent’s online giving platform. Thrivent will cover processing fees for your donation, making sure your entire donation goes to your cause.*

Taking control of your money by participating in Money Canvas™. It’s a free one-on-one online money coaching service that empowers people to understand their money more clearly and take practical steps to spend less so they can save more. Spread the word and refer a friend.

Getting practical tips from industry experts at Thrivent’s virtual events. Stay up-to-date on what’s being offered.

Finding out what’s happening in your area on your regional Thrivent Member Network’s page. Simply enter your ZIP code next to the map, then click on “Get to know your community.”

Thrivent to deliver $542 million total payout to clients with membership in 2024

Thrivent will provide a record-breaking $542 million total payout in 2024 through dividends and policy enhancements, reaching more eligible clients than ever.

This includes $414 million in dividends and $128 million in policy enhancements, such as additional credited interest and reduced fees.

It builds on last year’s record-setting total payout of $444 million in 2023.

Over 77% of all Thrivent policies—more than 2.1 million—will receive a 2024 dividend or policy enhancement.

“Thrivent serves millions of clients and we deliver value to them with competitive products and solutions, strong investment performance and a commitment to financial stewardship. We have grown Thrivent’s surplus significantly over the past few years because of our disciplined financial management, and now we’re able to deliver record-breaking total payouts to our clients in 2024,” says David Royal, chief financial and investment officer.

“Although never guaranteed, we’ve offered dividends to our clients for more than 100 consecutive years. This financial strength and stability—combined with Thrivent's work to empower lives of service and faith—is why our clients put their trust in Thrivent,” he says.

Separate from dividends, policy enhancements refer to improvements in non-guaranteed policy features such as future credited rates or fees. These enhancements are not guaranteed in the future.

If you have questions, contact your Thrivent financial professional or call 800-847-4836.

*Thrivent will pay up to $300,000 in online processing fees per calendar year for personal donations made through Thrivent's online giving platform.

Member benefits, programs and activities are not guaranteed contractual benefits. You should never purchase or retain any insurance or annuity products simply to be able to participate. Participation is subject to applicable Terms and Conditions.