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What's happening at Thrivent: Spring 2024

Private equity added as an asset class in Asset Allocation funds/portfolios

Thrivent is adding private equity as an asset class within the Thrivent Asset Allocation funds/portfolios.

“We are excited to provide clients with access to an asset class previously unavailable to retail investors that offers additional diversification and potential performance benefits,” says David Royal, executive vice president and chief financial & investment officer. “We believe this unique product enhancement differentiates us from others in the industry.”

Private equity funds historically have been available only to high-net-worth and institutional investors and have required significant capital committed for years at a time.

As an asset class, private equity generally has outperformed public equity markets, including most of the rolling 10-year time periods over the past 20 years.* While access to private equity performance information is limited and past performance does not guarantee future results, we believe adding private equity fund investments to our Asset Allocation products provides the potential for enhanced performance over time. Allocations to private equity will initially be small and limited to target allocations within the funds and portfolios. As a result, we anticipate the initial impact on performance to be minimal.

Private equity funds bring additional diversification benefits because they’re invested in private companies that are not listed on a public stock exchange. This can help manage investment risk in a variety of market environments and economic cycles. Additionally, by these funds and portfolios investing in secondary private equity funds, investors are further diversifying across hundreds of private companies.

“Our Private Investments team has deep experience in managing private equity investments,” says Jen Wilson, senior managing director of Private Investments at Thrivent. “We are honored to bring our experience in private equity to the funds as we strive to deliver investment returns that ultimately help clients live purposeful lives and achieve their goals.”

Learn more about asset allocation funds

Talk with your Thrivent financial advisor or get more details here.

National board members elected

Clients with eligible membership elected Angela S. Rieger, Kathryn V. Marinello and Brian J. McGrane to the national Thrivent Board of Directors last fall. The three directors were elected out of a pool of eight candidates and began their new terms in February. Members cast a total of 539,348 qualified votes1 during the election.

The board helps lead and govern Thrivent. Board members establish and promote organizational objectives and mission, oversee major business decisions, work with leadership to assess and manage risk, and select the CEO and appointed directors.

Read brief bios of each board member. Or get Thrivent Member Network board election results by finding your network.

Make your board recommendations

Any Thrivent client with membership can suggest candidates for the national board. If you know an active Thrivent client with membership who you think would be a strong candidate, contact your Thrivent Member Network board chair by May 1. Not sure who that is? Call 800-847-4836; say “fraternal” at the prompt. Or locate and contact your Thrivent Member Network here.

You also can make candidate suggestions for your local Thrivent regional board.

Thrivent Member Network Corner

All Thrivent clients with membership are part of a Thrivent Member Network. You can locate and learn more about yours below.

Your Thrivent community

Enter your ZIP code below to find your Thrivent Member Network region on the map for local events, financial education workshops and generosity projects near you.
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Your Thrivent Member Network can help you connect with like-minded individuals in your community who want to be involved and give back.

Through your network you can:

  • Meet your neighbors while attending an inspirational event or social gathering.
  • Spread generosity by joining a Thrivent Action Team or exploring charitable giving options.
  • Grow healthy financial skills through a financial workshop or webinar on a variety of topics.

You also are invited to attend a livestream of Thrivent’s Market & Economic Update at 11:30 a.m. CT on Tuesday, July 30. Presented by Thrivent leaders, the update focuses on what the latest economic trends may mean for you. No products will be sold.

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Be part of Thrivent's 2025 calendar

Sometimes we get so busy in life that we miss the everyday blessings around us. It could be the babbling brook, the sound of laughter, the playfulness of a puppy, the gentle breeze whistling through the trees, the peacefulness of a cup of coffee with your morning devotion.

We’ve selected “Everyday blessings” as the theme for the 2025 Thrivent calendar, and we need your help providing the original photos and artwork that are the cornerstone of this cherished piece.

As you reflect on your life and the gifts you’ve been given by God, what do you see as the everyday blessings? It’s often easy to see “who” the blessings are, but how else are you experiencing the everyday blessings from God?

Submit entries until June 30, 2024 and preorder your calendar

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Thrivent to host new art exhibition

Opening mid-April 2024, the Thrivent Art Collection will host a special, one-of-a-kind collection making its first-ever U.S. stop—right at the Thrivent Art Gallery in downtown Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more details on the featured artists and works, and how you can experience this exhibition for yourself.

Before investing, investors should consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a fund or portfolio and the variable insurance product. This and other important information is contained in the fund, portfolio and variable insurance product prospectuses, which may be obtained from, a financial professional or by contacting the applicable insurance company. Read them carefully before investing.

While diversification can help reduce market risk, it does not eliminate it. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Thrivent Distributors, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA, is the distributor for Thrivent Mutual Funds and Thrivent Variable Portfolios. Thrivent Distributors, LLC is a subsidiary of Thrivent, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

*Source: Hamilton Lane Data via Cobalt, Bloomberg—January 2023.

1Tabulated by YesElections, Inc., an independent election services company.