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Thriving with purpose: Navigating a changing workforce

In recent years, a dramatic transformation has occurred in the workplace. As businesses evolve and organizations transform, the workforce of today must be willing to navigate and embrace change. Because we know that change is one of the few true constants.

Transforming for the future

That same expectation to navigate and embrace change is true at Thrivent. For several years now, we have been laser- focused on modernizing and transforming Thrivent to ensure we’re positioned to serve current and future generations of clients. We are changing in meaningful and important ways.

Client experience enhancements

Today’s clients seek seamless, intuitive digital experiences. We’re investing in the technology, talent and skills needed to meet evolving expectations.

Workforce diversity

As an organization that serves all Christians, we must ensure our workforce diversity matches that of the clients we serve and aspire to serve. Diverse perspectives drive innovation and are integral to our transformation.

Hybrid, flexible work

Like many other businesses across the country that navigated the pandemic a few years ago, we leveraged technology to fundamentally shift how we work. Today, Thrivent is committed to a hybrid, flexible work environment where employees work either remotely, in-person or a combination of both.

2023 at a glance

volunteer hours contributed by employees1
funds distributed by employees, board members, retirees1
volunteer hours contributed by employees1
funds distributed by employees, board members, retirees1

Our commitment to you

Amid the changes, it’s also critical that we recognize the things that remain the same.

Client focus

We remain steadfast in our purpose to empower lives of service and faith. You can rest confidently in this commitment. Our enduring financial strength, stability and trusted reputation truly separate Thrivent from other financial services companies.

Employee generosity

Generosity is core to Thrivent’s DNA. Our employees live generously—and in 2023, we contributed more than $10.3 million and 41,786 volunteer hours across the country to support the communities that we call home. We believe that financial clarity and generosity go hand-in-hand.

Purpose-driven culture

Workplace culture flows from an organization’s purpose. Our purpose-driven and values-based culture are strong differentiators as we continue to attract top talent.

With you on the journey

It’s clear to see that, as an organization, we are changing and evolving. And we realize you are continuously changing, too. Your financial needs shift as you navigate through different life events and stages.

Our entire team of advisors and corporate professionals stands ready to provide financial solutions that help you with all your needs. Thank you for your trust in us.

Kelly Baker is executive vice president and chief human resources officer at Thrivent.

1As of December 31, 2023.