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New delivers for you

Today, people rely on technology for just about everything. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can get timely information, stay connected to family and friends, shop and be entertained. And you can use these devices to manage your finances, too—paying bills, monitoring accounts and transferring funds, to name a few.

In the fall of 2023, Thrivent listened to what clients said they wanted and reimagined the experience for 100% of our registered digital clients. This enabled an easy-to-navigate experience for all.

“Thrivent clients deserve a modern, convenient and secure digital experience—whether they prefer to use or our Thrivent mobile app,” says Renato Mazziero, senior vice president of Digital Client and Advisor Experience at Thrivent. “Our team is working hard to bring that vision to life, starting with redesigned pages. Whether you want to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars®, manage your accounts or find documents, our updated digital experiences provide quick access to what you need.”

Here’s what we accomplished:

New features

  • Easy view for account details, including activity and performance information for investments, to help clients closely monitor their accounts.
  • Improved “Profile & Settings” options for updating preferences.
  • A quick action section that shows a bill due or Thrivent Choice Dollars to direct.

Better design

  • A clean look and feel.
  • Improved navigation to help clients find what they need in fewer clicks.

“The initial work of 2023 with the more modern platform now opens the door for Thrivent to deliver more great experiences faster,” Mazziero says. “This year you’ll see even more improvements to digital capabilities on that will help you make the most of all you’ve been given. Be sure to log in over the year to see the new improvements.”

2023 at a glance

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people who logged into at least once1
new mobile app downloads1

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1As of December 31, 2023.

The Thrivent Choice® charitable grant program engages Thrivent clients with Membership and Thrivent Member Networks in providing grants that support charitable activities, furthering Thrivent's mission and its purposes under state law. All grant decisions, including grant recipients and amounts, are made at the sole discretion of Thrivent. Directing Choice Dollars® is subject to the program’s terms and conditions available at