Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership

Since 2005, Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent have partnered to build homes, strengthen neighborhoods and change lives. Our partnership provides opportunities for Thrivent clients, churches, community members and volunteers to be part of the solution to substandard housing resulting in improved communities and changed lives.

Faith Builds – A Closer Look

Faith Builds – A Closer Look

See how churches partner with Habitat and Thrivent to help families build a new home by raising wall, funds, and prayers.

Building Better Lives

Building Better Lives

Homeownership is one of the strongest foundations of a healthy family. Read more about the importance of having a stable place to call home.

Building Walls; Breaking Down Barriers

Building Walls; Breaking Down Barriers

Stable housing is a global need. Read the story of one mother and daughter who traveled to make a difference and learn how you can too!

Get involved

  • Habitat and Thrivent volunteers at a Faith Build.

    Habitat and Thrivent Faith Builds

    Local Christian churches come together to raise walls, funds and prayers to build a house in partnership with a family in your community. Help families open the door to a new life through both construction and non-construction volunteer activities.

    How you can help

    Through your church you can lend your time and generosity to positively impact the lives of your entire community. By volunteering, you become part of a movement to help make decent, affordable housing a possibility for more families.

    You don't need any previous construction experience to volunteer for a project and all building supplies are provided on-site. In addition, non-construction activities are available such as providing lunch, fundraising, prayer, and many more!

    How projects are funded

    Thrivent contributes up to 50% of the funding for each home built through the partnership. Churches involved in the program are challenged to raise the other 50% of the home cost through fundraising, gifting, and other activities they choose.

    Once a home is complete, it's not just given away for free. Instead, Habitat sells it to the family through an affordable mortgage. Then, the homeowner's monthly mortgage payments, which they make directly to Habitat, are used to help build even more Habitat homes.

    Get involved – Find a project near you

    See if there is a Habitat and Thrivent Faith Build project in your area.

    Find a home build

    Get your church & community involved

    Invite members of your church and other volunteers to be a part of a Habitat and Thrivent project in your community. By recruiting and leading volunteers, you can help them engage in meaningful ways to make a difference and strengthen their local neighborhoods.

    Spread the word about the Habitat and Thrivent partnership

    If you're a Thrivent member, you can take an active role in helping expand the impact where you live, work and worship. You can get involved through your Thrivent Member Network to teach people in your church and your community about this life-changing partnership.

    Find resources

    Apply for a home

    If your family, or a family you know, is in need of decent, affordable housing, contact your local Habitat office. They will provide information on availability, size, costs and sweat-equity requirements for Habitat houses in your area, as well as information on the application process.

    Find your local Habitat office

  • Thrivent and Habitat volunteers at a Worldwide build.

    Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide

    Make a powerful impact in the lives of families and communities worldwide by helping build homes during a week-long home building trip. Develop lifelong relationships and experience new and beautiful cultures from around the world while helping to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

    No special skills are required. All that's needed is a generous heart, a positive spirit and a genuine desire to make a difference.

    Join a trip

    Team up with a group of other Thrivent members and volunteers and put your generosity into action in a new way. To volunteer, you can join an existing trip that's currently being organized and have the experience of a lifetime.

    Find a trip to join

    Lead a trip

    If you're a Thrivent member, you have an opportunity to lead your own team of other members and volunteers on a trip to build homes and to build life-long memories and relationships.

    Guide other Thrivent members and volunteers on a trip they will never forget. You'll experience a different culture. Learn new skills. Meet new people. And, you'll see firsthand the impact your membership can have as you build hope by building homes. Read more about Thrivent's partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the supporting program, Global Village.

    We offer four different types of trips that you can lead: Premier Destinations, Focus Countries, Disaster Recovery and Destination of Choice. Check them out on the catalog.

    An $8,000 donation is made to the host program you choose to work with on behalf of your team.

    If you are a trained team leader:

    If you want to start the process of becoming a team leader:

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I can’t think of a more suitable home for my children to grow up in than one that was built through Christ with loving hearts and helping hands.

  • Habitat for Humanity Offices

    Partner with Thrivent

    The financial, volunteer and advocacy resources provided by Thrivent and Thrivent members can help Habitat offices make an even greater impact in the communities they serve. By working together, this partnership helps expand the mission and outreach efforts of both Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent.

    If you represent a Habitat office, find out how you could put the power of this partnership to work in your community.

    A volunteer wearing a hardhat standing in a doorway.

CloseHabitat and Thrivent Worldwide team leader requirements

To become a team leader, you must: