Logo Use Policy

You must obtain corporate approval from Thrivent for every new situation requiring the application of its logo. Do not copy or use any logos that are part of Thrivent websites. Thrivent requires this to ensure brand accuracy and to protect its trademarks.

It is appropriate to request a logo for:

  • A plaque or trophy.
  • A donated item.
  • Third-party sponsorship materials.

It is not appropriate to request a logo for:

To create Thrivent items, including:

  • Merchandise or clothing – Visit The Store (Link opens in new window) for logo merchandise.
  • Ads, flyers, posters, brochures, letterhead, etc. – Field, regional financial office (RFO) and Community Engagement Team staff can contact Marketing Customer Service at 800-793-3401, option 2, for information about existing materials or templates.

    Thrivent Member Networks can contact a representative from the Member Connection Center at 800-847-4836, and say "Fraternal" when prompted. You can also send an email to fraternal@thrivent.com.
  • Office signs, name badges, banners, displays, etc. – Purchase from Thrivent Banner and Display Store (Link opens in new window).
  • Thrivent Builds materials or templates that are already available. Check what's available at Thrivent Builds Resources.
  • Thrivent Action Teams materials that are already available. Check what's available in the promotional material section of the Thrivent Action Teams page.

I have read and agree with this logo policy.

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