Logo Use Policy

You must obtain corporate approval from Thrivent Financial for every new situation requiring the application of its logo. Do not copy or use any logos that are part of Thrivent websites. Thrivent requires this to ensure brand accuracy and to protect its trademarks.

Here are the steps to obtain and use a Thrivent Financial logo:

  1. Read this page and click on the "I Agree" button at the bottom.
  2. Download and provide a watermarked logo to the individual or organization that is applying the logo to your material. (A watermarked logo is used to show logo placement on a proof, but is not permitted for actual use.)
  3. Submit the Logo Application Approval Form (a link is on the watermarked logo page) and attach the proof of the material that logo will be used on (PDF or Word) with the watermarked logo on it.
  4. We will approve the proof and send the usable logo to the organization that needs it within 24 to 48 business hours (usually same day). If the logo application is not approved, changes may be required.

Permissible logo applications

Examples may include placement on:

  • A plaque or trophy.
  • A donated item.
  • A sponsored sports team jersey.
  • Promotional or advertising materials (such as ads, posters, brochures, websites, T-shirts, banners and church newsletters) created by a non-Thrivent Financial organization, institution, group or grant recipient – to recognize us for our support, sponsorship, partnership, involvement or contribution.

When logo applications are not permissible

The logo may not be used to create Thrivent Financial:

I have read and agree with this logo policy.

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