Logo Request Process

  1. Download one of the watermarked logos below and supply it to the organization that needs it. (Watermarked logos are supplied only in JPEG and PNG file formats.)
  2. Complete the Logo Application Approval Form, attaching a proof of the materials with the watermarked logo placed on it. This will show us how the logo will be used. Note: If you need the logo for a website or AV media, go right to the form, complete the form and submit it, with only a watermarked logo attached. Explain what the logo will be used for in your comments.
  3. We will approve the proof and supply the usable logo in PNG, JPEG or EPS to the organization that needs it.
  4. For questions, please call Marketing at 800-793-3401, option 2 or email marketing@thrivent.com.

To download a watermarked logo, right click on the image and select "Save Picture As" or right click on the "Download image file" link and select "Save Target As."

JPEG logo files for white or light backgrounds

Thrivent logo color for light background

PNG logo files for dark backgrounds

Thrivent logo for dark background