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What's an interesting or unusual thing you do to save money?

We asked, our clients answered.

When I was younger, I would buy a car and make car payments. Once the car was paid for, I would deposit the same amount in my savings account each month. When I bought my next car, I was able to pay cash, get a better deal and not pay interest.
Jacquelyn M. Schacht, Rochester, Minnesota

I save state and historical park quarters and put them into an empty plastic container. When I feel it is heavy enough, I will take it to the bank. It usually yields $200 to $300 I would otherwise not have saved.
Don Peschke, Berlin, Wisconsin

I wash my sealable bags thoroughly and reuse them. I put used air fresheners in the bottom of my trash cans to keep them smelling good. I toss nearly empty liquid laundry soap bottles in the wash to wash out all the soap.
Cindy Jubran, Knoxville, Tennessee

I round up in my check register.
Patrice Bilenski, Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Each night we put our change in a coin separator to wrap up when each reaches its optimal number. Then, we check $1 bills for our first and last name initials. At $100, we change it at the bank for $20 bills that become part of our “fun fund” for dinners, etc.
Gordon Hanson, Murphy, Texas

I recycle aluminum cans. I always pick up pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that I find on the ground.
Catherine Stuckwisch, Brownstown, Indiana

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