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What's new at Thrivent: Winter 2022 updates

Holding hands with an aging loved one.

Access new caregiver resource benefit

Are you actively caring for an aging family member or friend, or planning to do so in the future? Are you an aging adult yourself? Thrivent wants to help families navigate their aging and caregiving concerns with a new membership benefit—Caregiver resources from Dari by HomeThrive.

Caregiver resources, powered by Dari, provide a self-guided healthy aging and caregiving online platform. It’s backed by licensed, credentialed social workers, called Care Guides, who have experience helping families navigate the challenges of aging and caregiving.

More than one in five Americans are family caregivers, providing care to an adult with health needs, according to a 2020 report from the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP.

“When we talk about eldercare, it’s not just about finances,” says Steve Sperka, vice president of Health Solutions Design, Implementation & Support at Thrivent. “People are experiencing emotional, physical and educational challenges, and they need advice. Dari is designed to help with that, to meet our clients where they are at with the support they need.”

Thrivent clients with membership can access Dari’s personalized online resources, including articles, videos, blogs and checklists. You can live chat (Ask Dari) with an expert and get personalized recommendations (Dari Recommends) to your situation and location. Dari also sends emails to enrollees with content related to their concerns. There is no cost to you; Thrivent pays the fee.

“This could be a lifeline for families who suddenly find themselves in the midst of a caregiving crisis,” Sperka says.

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Royal named chief financial & investment officer

Thrivent’s David Royal has taken on an expanded leadership position, adding chief financial officer (CFO) responsibilities to his current role as chief investment officer. 

Royal, with a new title of executive vice president, chief financial & investment officer, fills the CFO role left vacant in April by Vihbu Sharma.

“David is perfectly suited for this elevated role,” says Terry Rasmussen, president and chief executive officer. “He brings a comprehensive financial services perspective, encompassing insurance, asset management, corporate development and banking.”

Royal has a track record of strong leadership, strategic vision and financial acumen, and he has a keen understanding of Thrivent and our clients, she says.

Rasmussen highlighted the world-class investment team he’s built, the organization’s award-winning mutual funds business and the strong performance of Thrivent’s General Account. “David is steadfast in his commitment to stewarding the assets our clients trust us to manage,” she says.

Royal joined Thrivent in 2006 and served as deputy general counsel of Thrivent and chief legal officer of Thrivent’s mutual funds before becoming president of Thrivent Mutual Funds in 2015. He assumed the role of chief investment officer and executive vice president of Asset Management in 2017 and added leadership of Thrivent’s banking offering in 2019.

Woman wearing new Live Generously T-shirt
The new Live Generously t-shirt design chosen for 2023

New Live Generously T-shirt design is here!

More than 26,000 Thrivent clients and others selected “Heart of Service” as the new design for the popular Live Generously® T-shirts in online voting that took place in early August.

The design reflects the heart of generosity of the Thrivent membership. Planning for the shirts started in March, and a focus group of more than 200 Thrivent clients and others helped select the final three designs included in the vote.

The new design will appear on black T-shirts, the same soft tri-blend material that wearers have known and loved since 2015. The T-shirts will be available in Thrivent Action Team Kits for those that apply on or after Jan. 1, 2023. Currently, there are more than 10.9 million Live Generously T-shirts in circulation.

The T-shirts, manufactured by Bella+Canvas, are dyed and cut in Los Angeles. The company cites eco-friendly processes, including extensive recycling and a small carbon footprint.

Clients love the T-shirts, telling us:

  • “I love that you keep changing the T-shirt design. Everyone loves to get a new T-shirt.”
  • • “We have completed a number of Thrivent Action Teams that have benefited so many: fresh vegetables to the needy, access to gardens and walking paths for the disabled, etc. We all proudly wear our Live Generously T-shirts.”

Supporting your community is easy with Thrivent Action Teams. Thrivent clients with membership can apply to lead a group of volunteers in a fundraiser, educational event or service activity.

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Watch for your 2022 tax statements

Thrivent knows taxes are complicated and that tax time can be stressful, so we continue to simplify the tax form process. Here’s what you can expect regarding the availability of your 2022 tax statements from Thrivent.

Online delivery

We’ve simplified how you can find your tax documents when you log in to or the Thrivent Mobile App. Your Thrivent tax documents can be found in each product by clicking on “view documents.”

  • All annuity and insurance tax statements, and most mutual fund statements for 2022 will be available online by Feb. 1.
  • Tax statements for mutual funds with holdings in real estate investment trust (REITS) will be available mid-February.
  • Tax statements for most brokerage accounts will be available online by mid-February.

U.S mail

  • All tax forms (1099s and 5498s) for 2022, except from mutual funds invested in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and brokerage, will be mailed by Jan. 31, 2023. Allow five to seven business days for arrival.
  • Typically, statements for mutual funds with holdings in real estate investment trusts (REITs) are delivered in late February.
  • Tax statements for most brokerage accounts will be mailed by mid-February.

If you have signed up for eDelivery of your tax forms, you will not receive a paper copy. If you’d like to sign up for eDelivery, go to For Brokerage, go to Wealthscape Investor.

For additional information regarding mailing dates, IRS forms and more, visit Thrivent's Tax Resource Center. Or call 800-847-4836. Consult your tax advisor about your specific tax situation.

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