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What financial lesson did you learn in 2022 that you will carry into the future?

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Thrivent Magazine readers share their thoughts to our quarterly Good Question.

I realized how lucky I am to have planned for retirement, purchased what I needed first, saved and thought twice about what I wanted. I also realized God has watched after me, so I should pass along help to people that have needs.
Catherine Keller, Hendersonville, North Carolina

To prepare a back-up plan and work toward this plan. I believe that no one had any idea the effects of COVID-19, high prices for just about most everything, and most of us were not prepared.
Sandra Osborn, Spring, Texas

Buy wisely. Don’t overbuy food that can go bad and you throw it away.
Audrey Marie Ledgerwood, via Facebook

To always be prepared for emergencies, have a plan & a backup plan, and to thriftily stock up for bad times.
Felina Jo Pence, Woodville, Texas

Sometimes in life, less material things TRULY can equate to MORE spiritual and mental benefits.
Jerry L. Butler, Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina

Never, ever check 401(k) balances, and stick to the budget.
John Steben, via Facebook

Don’t look at my monthly investment statements. Don’t even open the envelopes.
Kurt Wolfe, via Facebook

Don't respond quickly to market downturns. The best strategy is to hold steady if your investments fulfill expectations.
Louise Wood, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Better tax strategies for giving.
Shelly Halverson, Maple Grove, Minnesota


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