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Welcome: Power of giving

Thrivent President and CEO Terry Rasmussen

I’m often asked about generosity and what it means for Thrivent. I always share the same response: it’s core to who we are. We have a long-standing belief in three things:

  1. Everything we have is a gift from God.
  2. Our clients want to be good stewards of their gifts.
  3. Generosity is an expression of their faith.

For many, making the most of these blessings is a journey they embrace. They’re inspired to give and serve, and they express their gifts in ways that are meaningful to them. One example is Les and Darlene Swenson, who worked with their Thrivent financial advisor to set up a family foundation. They used their gifts to create a legacy of generosity for churches, schools and health and community organizations.

As Christians, we want to come to the aid of others through generosity and service. For me personally, these bring a sense of purpose to life.

At their core, generosity and service connect us with others and make a positive impact. When we give, we make our communities better, express our faith and build meaningful relationships.

By extending a helping hand—through a Thrivent Action Team or a small gesture of kindness—we inspire others to do the same. This creates a ripple effect. Our collective contributions build on each other, and we set an example for future generations. No one is better at this than our clients.

Last year, Thrivent and our clients made a tremendous impact in the communities in which we live, work and worship. We hosted 157,303 Thrivent Action Teams, volunteered 14 million hours, and raised and donated $306 million to support causes that matter. We also directed $31.4 million in Thrivent Choice Dollars® to charities—with more than half going to local churches.

It’s important to appreciate our ability to positively impact the world. For more than a decade, our Thrivent Action Team shirts have proudly declared what we believe: Live Generously. It’s what makes Thrivent and our clients—all of you—truly unique.

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