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Thrivent’s five core tenets keep us strong

Thrivent's Board of Directors

Since December 2013, I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving on the Thrivent Board. For the past two years, I’ve been the board chair—leading an exceptional team of individuals, overseeing and guiding this one-of-a-kind financial services organization.

From Thrivent’s humble beginnings when neighbors came together to insure each other to our Fortune 500 strength of today, we stand as the original purpose-based company. We put generosity at the heart of saving and investing to empower lives of service and faith.

As I reflect on my board role, there are five core tenets we hold dear. These help Thrivent remain strong and stable and evolve to serve future generations—clients and their families planning for the future, establishing legacies and making communities better.

Thrivent’s tenets

  1. We are a mutual aid organization founded more than 120 years ago to come to the aid of others. This mindset endures within our board and our leadership team, and with you. We serve others. It’s our calling to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
  2. We provide people with advice and financial services. And we’re adapting to meet your changing needs and expectations—as well as those of our future clients.
  3. We empower lives of service and faith. As Christians, we have three core beliefs:

    • Everything we have is a gift from God.
    • We are called to be good stewards of those gifts.
    • Generosity is an expression of our faith.

    Our clients express these beliefs in ways most meaningful to them.

  4. We serve all Christians, and we aspire to touch all of humanity with and through our impact. We put our faith into action every day. Our service reaches people from all walks of life and provides help where there’s need.
  5. We encourage local expressions of service and faith and support our clients’ and advisors’ desires to give and serve in their communities wherever and however they choose—united by our common bond, the Christian faith and shared values. The result: hundreds of millions of dollars donated and millions of volunteer hours to support causes in the communities where we live, work and worship.

It's with these thoughts top of mind, and our commitment to always putting clients first, that we chart Thrivent’s future. It’s truly an honor for me to remain dedicated to serving you on this journey.

N. Cornell Boggs is chair of the Thrivent Board of Directors.

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