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What's your best tip for staying on top of your finances?

To stay on top of my finances, I always pay off my credit card in full every month to avoid finance charges, and before I purchase something that's not essential to life, I take a day (or longer) to think it over and ask myself if I really need it.
Angela L. Eckhart, Danielsville, PA

We were taught to be very frugal and grew our own fruits and vegetables, had our own meat, and canned and froze enough for the winter.
Arlene Lohmann, via Facebook

If you don’t need it, it’s not a bargain.
Ric Dawson, via Facebook

A budget and review every month, planning meals for the week, and following the grocery list.
Brenda Peck, via Facebook   

I started saving with my first full-time job. Each time I got a raise I increased my saving. What you don’t see you don’t miss.
Rosanne Matty, via Facebook

Eat at home and make your own coffee!
Ferrol Miller, via Facebook

Written budget of outgo really helps, and funds are saved back for quarterly/annual bills and for savings.
Linda Dybwad, via Facebook

Always keep good records so you always know how much you really have.
Gerri Techel, via Facebook

Unless it’s an emergency, don’t charge it unless you can pay cash for it.
Plbons, via Instagram

Pay off your credit card every month. And don’t charge more than you can afford each month.
Jillakagma, via Instagram

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