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Client spotlight: Living your values

Cherie Trumbach's passion to help others stems from her desire to glorify God in all she does.

Cherie Trumbach enjoys a quiet moment with her daughter, Petra, who is a freshman at Wheaton College.
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Cherie Trumbach has a passion for teaching—both in her role as professor of Management at the University of New Orleans and as a leader with the women’s and children’s ministries at Christian Fellowship for the Nations in Slidell, Louisiana, where her husband, Gregory, serves as pastor.

Cherie isn’t the type of pastor’s wife who plays the piano and sings. In fact, she does neither. Instead, she touches many of the church’s ministries through both her leadership and generally filling in with hands-on tasks wherever needed.

Part of their ministry, Cherie says, is helping young families learn to stand on their own two feet. “We interact with people who didn’t come from families with strong finances, or they may be helping their parents or siblings. We teach that you have to be on solid footing before you can help others, and this is how you do it. Thrivent has provided us the tools to do that.”

Cherie points specifically to Thrivent’s Money Canvas™ program as an asset. The free program provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with a financial coach to create healthier financial habits and take bite-sized steps to reach your goals.

“It’s something I wish I would have had in my younger years,” she says. “It’s the first step in getting a solid handle on your finances. They help you to come up with a roadmap to get where you want to be. It’s such a useful tool for anyone, at any point in their financial walk.”

Cherie also serves on the board of the Thrivent Member Network–South Region, as well as on the boards of the Slidell Church Basketball League and the Ohana Outreach.

“I believe that we, as part of the church, are to be the hands and feet of Christ. And I believe that in serving our community and loving our neighbor[s], that is crucial,” Cherie says. “That’s really my purpose and how I want to live my life in all I do.”

2023 at a glance

Money Canvas sessions delivered1
volunteer hours of time and talent invested in our communities1
Money Canvas sessions delivered1
volunteer hours of time and talent invested in our communities1

What was your first memory of money?

My mom was sick when I was growing up. My earliest memories of money are when those medical bills started to hit. When my mom was in the hospital, I heard the stories that my dad would bring her the bills, because he didn't keep track of the money; she did. I grew up hearing a lot of the money strain, which makes you aware.

What are your guiding principles around money decisions?

It’s not necessarily the price [of something] but the value that you get for that price. One thing may be more expensive than the other, but if it lasts you for five times as long, then it’s a better value. So just making wise decisions. Also having a biblical view of money, in that everything belongs to the Lord.

What’s the best piece of financial advice you’ve ever received?

Plan what you're going to give, save and then spend. It gets you thinking about money differently. If I have a plan, then I can do all of what I want to do, have money for the future, and be able to spend what I want to spend now and not feel guilty about it.

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Supporting A Church To Serve Its Community | Follow Your Heart with Thrivent

What’s your favorite volunteer activity?

I love coaching in the Slidell Church basketball league. It’s not just about the sport; it’s the opportunity to connect with kids. It gives me a chance to teach girls about Christ—that he loves them and that their identity is in Christ. We know the world will throw at them all sorts of things about who they are. I want them to know God made them and he made them who they are for his purpose.

How do you demonstrate gratitude

What I give back is how I express my gratitude for what I have.

What does it mean to thrive with purpose?

I think it’s having that mission and knowing God’s purpose in your life and just doing it. I know my purpose is to glorify God in all that I do. And to thrive in that is really to put your heart into it. There’s always going to be an element of sacrifice involved and really pushing past what you think you can do. It’s hard to thrive with purpose if you aren't willing to push past being tired, push past being aggravated and annoyed or just push your limits.

1As of December 31, 2023.

The client’s experience may or may not be the same as other clients and does not indicate future performance or success.