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On my mind: Meeting clients' expectations for digital experiences

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See what Thrivent is doing to make it easier for you to do more on & the Thrivent mobile app.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we all have different expectations than we did just a few years ago. The digital era has been accelerating for the past 15 years and we now expect anytime, anywhere access via our phones, high speed connectivity that allows us to stream a movie or to work from anywhere. We expect instant access to goods and services with a click, swipe or tap.

What this means for Thrivent is we need to meet your expectations today and also quickly evolve so we can meet them in the future. Our focus is on listening to your needs to better understand how we can meet and exceed your digital expectations.

When it comes to helping you get things done digitally across our mobile app and website, we’ve made progress by introducing new features that can make it easier for you. Maybe today, you’re already:

  • Using Thrivent’s mobile app to view your accounts.
  • Experiencing an easier login for both and our mobile app.
  • Noticing that the site is quicker to navigate because we increased the speed of
  • Getting detailed information about life and health products.
  • Managing your brokerage and mutual fund accounts.
  • Participating in Thrivent’s generosity programs.

I’m happy to share that as of Dec. 31, 2022, our mobile app has been downloaded 100,000+ times. Nearly 30% of all Thrivent clients have logged in to or the mobile app.

597K unique clients logged in to or the mobile app.*
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We’ve made progress, yet I know there are a lot of features that could be better. Clients have told us it’s frustrating to navigate to different Thrivent websites when they want to see their investments, trust accounts and insurance policies. We know we can make it easier for you to access the information and documents you need.

We’re working to help improve your website and mobile experience by making it possible for you to:

  • Schedule appointments with a Thrivent financial advisor online.
  • Make more types of payments online.
  • Access your tax information.
  • Easily change your beneficiary.

I believe that in order to serve you and future generations, we must put even more focus on building great digital experiences that are helpful and relevant to you. We’re proud of our progress yet understand we have work to do to make it easier, and this work is ongoing to meet expectations today and the rising expectations in the future. I can honestly say I’ve never worked for an organization as special as Thrivent, and our commitment to being relevant for you and the future generations is unparalleled. We’re focused on meeting your high expectations and making your lives easier every day.

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*As of December 31, 2022.