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How openly does your family discuss finances?

We asked, our clients answered.

Pretty openly. We discuss details and plans without discussing amounts.
Shelly Halverson, Amelia Island, Florida
My parents are aging and based on an article I saved from Thrivent Magazine a few years ago, I asked them the questions from the article. I thought it was helpful to know where their finances are now, while they're still able to make decisions, etc., rather than later. I feel like it brought us closer together because they mentioned they wish they would have been able to have the same conversation with their own parents.
Holly Wendt, Dayton, Minnesota

We discuss on a monthly basis. We do a monthly calendar and keep up with dates of bills to be paid.
Amanda Boatright, Leesville, South Carolina

The two of us speak very openly about finances. We review all purchases over $100. Budget and money are both good words. We pay our bills early and do not carry over on any debts. We speak with anyone about awareness of priority spending, monthly savings and giving, and retirement needs.
Jeanne and Warren Stewart, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Both my wife and I grew up in homes not very financially aware or open. We have decided to change that for our children, discussing financial issues with grace and honesty. A big portion of confidence to do so comes directly from what we have learned through our amazing Thrivent financial advisor and Thrivent Magazine.
Andrew K. Wilson, Lake Zurich, Illinois

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