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Why membership?

Fraternal membership allows those who are eligible to enjoy many benefits beyond Thrivent's financial expertise and solutions. With membership, you join a local Thrivent Member Network and become part of the collective ownership of our company. This means you get a say in how we are governed, and express that through annual elections of our board of directors. You also share a commitment to your community - spreading generosity. As part of your Thrivent Member Network, you can spread generosity through time, talent and treasures. By giving back, we're about to amplify our collective impact, together.

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With membership*, you've got access to benefits and helpful resources:

Volunteer & Give

Know how you want to support your communities? We provide the resources to make It happen:

  • Thrivent Member Networks
  • Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent partnership
  • Thrivent Action Teams
  • Thrivent Choice®
  • Disaster Response

Support & Assist

At times of loss and despair, we're there for our clients:

  • Care package for grieving parents
  • Giving with Hope: Finding Comfort as You Journey Through Loss
  • Step By Step: Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies
  • Legacy Support for Orphaned Children benefit

Fortify & Inspire

From unmet financial needs to a daily dose of inspiration, we leverage our collective strength to provide access to resources and tools, like:

  • Will and Estate Planning Guide
  • Thrivent member workshops and events
  • Identity monitoring and protection
  • Resources for independent living
  • Health discounts
  • Uninsurable Child Life Insurance benefit
  • Thrivent wall calendar
  • Thrivent Magazine

Membership & Benefits

The Path to Membership

Depending on your needs, we offer two classes of membership: Associate Membership and Benefit Membership. Both provide a local, communal experience through the Thrivent Member Networks with fellow Christians who share your values and motivations. And with membership, you'll have access to a suite of benefits, tools and resources to help you live more generously - and impact the communities you're a part of.

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Associate Membership

Become an associate member by submitting a valid membership application and paying an annual fee of $19.95 or purchasing a product from a Thrivent affiliate or subsidiary (such as a Thrivent Mutual Fund product) or joining the Thrivent Credit Union.

Benefit Membership

Become a benefit member by submitting a valid membership application and purchasing a qualifying Thrivent insurance or annuity product, like disability income or life insurance.

Eligibility for Membership

We warmly extend a hand to individuals who are Christian, seeking to live out their faith; or are spouses of Christians, who seek to live out their faith; or are youths being raised in the Christian faith.

Membership Application

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What is a fraternal organization?

To be a fraternal benefit society, there must be a common bond that unites members. For Thrivent, that bond is Christianity - embracing faith, finances and charitable giving. Fraternal benefit societies must also have local, member branches that carry out the organization's good works in local communities. For Thrivent, these branches are the Thrivent Member Network. Thrivent clients with memberships also have a voice in how our company is governed, by electing the national and Thrivent Member Network boards, and they have a responsibility to give back where they live, work and worship. Thrivent membership is empowering, as you help yourself and others achieve financial clarity, and live generous lives.

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Thrivent Magazine & Blog

Thrivent Magazine and our blog page reflect a diverse community of Thrivent clients. Both feature helpful, inspirational stories and information about managing finances as part of a meaningful, purposeful life.

Thrivent Magazine

Thrivent Blog

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