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Thrivent Choice® FAQs

Make a personal donation to your favorite cause or influence how we distribute some of our charitable funds with Thrivent Choice®.

Frequently asked questions

Should I purchase or maintain insurance or annuity products from Thrivent so I can be eligible to direct Choice Dollars® or direct more Choice Dollars®?
No. Thrivent has many unique differences as a fraternal benefit society, including our ability to make a positive impact with clients in their communities and congregations. While Thrivent wants eligible clients to participate in Choice Dollars® to help distribute charitable funds effectively to nonprofit organizations, you should never purchase or retain any insurance or annuity products simply to be able to direct Choice Dollars®. You should only purchase and keep the insurance and annuity products that best meet the financial security needs of you and your family, considering the cost, features and benefits of particular products.
How do I opt out of the Thrivent Choice® program?
To opt out of the Thrivent Choice® program, simply log in to Click the drop-down menu by your name and select "Profile and settings." Choose "Communication preferences" and scroll down to "Thrivent Choice® program communications" under "Membership and marketing." Toggle the option to "Opted out," and click "Save" to update your change.
What if I have additional questions about Thrivent Choice®?
Please call one of our Client Care Professionals at 800-847-4836 and say "Thrivent Choice" when prompted.
What is Thrivent's view on outreach funding?
We operate a number of programs to help our clients express their generosity. Our clients hold a broad array of views and beliefs. Therefore, Thrivent does not take positions on or provide funding to organizations or causes whose principal purpose is to influence law, policy, church doctrine or church practice. Thrivent retains total discretion as to whether or how funds are distributed.

While not all organizations or projects are eligible for funding, Thrivent's funding decisions are not intended to diminish the importance of particular organizations or causes. We encourage all Thrivent clients to directly support organizations and causes they care about, regardless of whether they participate through Thrivent's generosity programs.

Choice Dollars®

Where can I see the number of Choice Dollars® I have available to direct?
Log in to and scroll to the bottom of the Account Overview page to see your available Choice Dollars®.
Why is directing Choice Dollars® a “recommendation" to Thrivent and not a decision by clients as to how funds will be spent?
Though eligible clients with benefit membership help support Thrivent, their product ownership does not create any ownership or decision-making rights in any funds of Thrivent. Individuals do not have spending authority under Thrivent Choice®. Thrivent is responsible to its membership as a whole as to how its charitable funds are used.

Participation in Thrivent Choice® is completely voluntary. Thrivent's insurance and annuity products are competitively priced, and clients do not pay any additional amount to be able to direct Choice Dollars®. In addition, Thrivent Choice® has a fixed budget and Thrivent needs to maintain full authority to spend or not spend funds to manage its expenses.
If a client directs Choice Dollars® to an organization, will Thrivent definitely pay the organization the number of Choice Dollars® that were directed to the organization?
No. The Terms and Conditions of Thrivent Choice® clearly state that directing Choice Dollars® is a request and recommendation to Thrivent to provide funding to designated organizations. Accordingly, there is no guarantee or agreement that grant funds will be provided to organizations in accordance with how clients direct Choice Dollars®. Thrivent retains total discretion as to whether or how all Thrivent Choice® funds are distributed.
Why don't clients qualify for Choice Dollars® based on ownership of Thrivent Mutual Funds and Thrivent Federal Credit Union products?
As a fraternal benefit society, the money we dedicate to charitable programs, such as Thrivent Choice®, comes from the sale of fraternal benefit society products (Thrivent life insurance, health insurance or annuities). The funds we would otherwise pay in taxes from the sale of those products (if we weren't tax-exempt) allow us to work with and through our Thrivent Member Networks and clients to help others—an important part of our mission. We offer other products (mutual funds, credit union products) because they fill important financial security needs for our clients, but they're not products of the fraternal benefit society. They are sold by for-profit subsidiaries, and do not generate funding for charitable programs, such as Thrivent Choice®, Thrivent Action Teams or the Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent partnership.
How do I direct Choice Dollars®?
See the instructions here. For additional information, contact your Financial Advisor or call Client Services at 800-847-4836 and state "Thrivent Choice" at the prompt.
Can I split Choice Dollars® between organizations?
Yes. You may direct Choice Dollars® to multiple organizations as long as the organization is enrolled in the Thrivent Choice® program and listed in our catalog. There are more than 40,000 national and local organizations that you can choose from.
What do the statuses of "requested" and "paid" mean on my Activity History page?
"Requested" means that you have directed Choice Dollars® to the listed organization, but the requested grant has not yet been made by Thrivent. "Paid" means the requested grant has been electronically paid to the organization by Thrivent. Unless Thrivent determines that the grant recommended by the client will not be made, the requested grant will be paid electronically to the organization around the 6th of the following month.
When directing Choice Dollars® to organizations or congregations, can I designate the funds be used for a certain purpose/ministry?
Clients aren't able to designate funds to a specific purpose or ministry within an organization or congregation. All funds distributed under Thrivent Choice® are exclusively Thrivent's funds, and are never owned by clients or paid on behalf of clients. Thrivent's charitable funds distributed through Thrivent Choice® are not designated for any specific purposes. Thrivent trusts the organizations to use the funds where they are most needed.
Can I write off Choice Dollars® off on my taxes?
No. Choice Dollars® are not part of your income nor are they tax deductible. By directing Choice Dollars®, you are recommending that Thrivent donate an amount of its charitable funds to one or more nonprofit organizations. All funds distributed under the Thrivent Choice® program are exclusively Thrivent's funds, and are never owned by clients or paid on behalf of clients.
Can I change my Choice Dollars® direction?
Yes. Contact Client Services at 1-800-847-4836 and state “Thrivent Choice” at the prompt.
Can I contribute my own money to increase the impact of the Thrivent Choice® program?
Yes—thank you! Choice Dollars® are intended to complement, not replace, personal donations to your preferred organizations You can easily make an online personal donation to any organization enrolled in the Thrivent Choice® program. And, Thrivent covers the online processing fees for the donation so 100% goes to the organization to help*. Locate your preferred organization in the Thrivent Choice® catalog. Then, on the organization details page, click on the "Make Personal Donation" button.
What happens to undirected Choice Dollars®?
Eligible clients have until March 31 of the following year to direct Choice Dollars® they are designated. If the Choice Dollars® haven't been directed by then and if there are remaining funds in the program budget, Thrivent may choose to use some of the funds to further promote participation in the program or for other purposes. The goal is to get the greatest amount of eligible clients involved to recommend how Thrivent's charitable funds are distributed.
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