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Thrivent Action Teams FAQs

Before, during and after your project—helpful tips to make it go smoothly

Before your project

Even before you get started, you may have some questions. You’re not alone. Here are some of the most common questions we hear about starting a project.
How long does the application process take?
You'll submit your application a minimum of 14 days prior to your project start date (but no more than 120 days prior) to allow us enough time to review your application and send your Thrivent Action Kit to your doorstep. While you're waiting for your kit, use that time to plan and recruit volunteers for your project.
How do I apply? How can I find information on my current/previous Thrivent Action Teams?
First, log in to your Thrivent account. Then you may submit your application. You can also find information about your current or previous Thrivent Action Teams.
How will I know if my Thrivent Action Team is approved?
You will receive an email within five business days indicating whether your Thrivent Action Team application was approved, or we need more information.

If you haven't received your approval email, try the following:
  • Check your email's spam folder.
  • Log in to My Thrivent and follow the link beneath the Account Summary to ensure your project was submitted and is not in "draft" status.
  • If you've emailed your project to yourself, be sure that you've clicked the "send" button – this makes your application officially complete.
How and when will I receive my kit?
Upon shipment, you'll receive an email with your kit's tracking number within five business days after approval. Depending on your geographical location, the Thrivent Action Team Kit will be delivered seven to 14 days after the approval of your application. Please allow an additional five days for delivery to a P.O. Box. If you're located in Hawaii or Alaska, we do our best to ship quickly through priority mail, but it may take longer for your kit to reach your doorstep.

During your project

When you’re in the middle of putting your project together, you can count on a few questions to arise. Here are some of the most fequently asked questions that crop up mid-project.
How should I use the Community Impact Card?
Thrivent has a responsibility as a fraternal benefit society to show how and where our funds are used to impact the communities where clients live, work and worship. As part of this responsibility, the funds you receive need to be spent in alignment with the project for which you originally applied.

Your Community Impact Card can be used like a normal credit card virtually anywhere VISA is accepted to pay for expenses related to your project or activity. Just like a normal credit card has spending limits, so does the Community Impact Card. Use the expense tracker on page 3 of the Leader Guidebook to track your purchases so they do not exceed $250 or the card will be declined.

Be sure to verify that the merchant accepts VISA credit cards, as Thrivent will not reimburse you for any charges you pay for with your own money, check or credit card. For full program guidelines, please review our Terms & Conditions.
Are there limitations on what I can use the Community Impact Card for?
Thrivent does not allow purchases of gift cards, alcohol, firearms or jewelry, direct cash donations, cash withdrawals, organizational operating funds, personal expenses, or purchases made outside the U.S. or its territories.
How do I verify the remaining balance on my Community Impact Card?
Call the phone number on the back of the Community Impact Card and follow the instructions.

Once you've used the card, the available balance will be provided in real time, but the current balance may not. As with other credit/debit cards, transactions may take a few days to process before they show up on the account. For further information about recent transactions, call 800-847-4836 and say "Thrivent Action Teams" at the prompt.
How do I make purchases online or over the phone with my Community Impact Card?
Provide information as described below. Please remember to use the name on the card, such as Thrivent Action Team ####, to help avoid confusion that could result in unintended charges on your personal credit card.
  • Name on card (if applicable): Provide the name as printed on the U.S. Bank VISA card, such as Thrivent Action Team ####. If a website does not accept numbers in these fields, enter "Action" as the first name and "Team" as the last name.
  • Billing address: Provide the ZIP code where the Thrivent Action Team kit was delivered.
  • Billing phone number (if applicable): Provide the Thrivent Action Team leader's phone number (including area code), when prompted.
What should I do with my Community Impact Card after my project is complete?
Your card will automatically deactivate 120 days after your project start date or when you report on your completed project. Any remaining funds on the card will be used to support other Thrivent Action Team projects. Please cut up your card and dispose of it after your project is complete.
What should I do if I've lost or misplaced my Community Impact Card?
As soon as you realize your card is missing, call 800-847-4836 and say "Thrivent Action Teams" at the prompt.
What is the Thrivent Action Teams Hub?
The Thrivent Action Teams Hub is a digital platform that equips you with online tools to help promote your Thrivent Action Team project and celebrate the impact you're making in your community. The Hub provides resources that help increase your impact, including:
  • A personalized project webpage to share with your community.
  • An RSVP feature to invite friends and family to volunteer alongside you.
  • Digital thank-you notes to send out after the event.
  • Photo upload to collect and share photos.
What do I do if my project gets delayed, changes or I need to cancel?
We fully understand that project dates or ideas may need to change. If you need to extend the date or repurpose your project to fill another need, click here to submit a request or call 800-847-4836 and say "Action Teams" at the prompt. Our team can walk you through next steps. Please have your Thrivent ID or contract number available for faster service.

You'll also want to make sure that you're purchasing direct supplies for your activity – not charging the card to the benefiting organization or reimbursing yourself. This enables Thrivent to be transparent with your purchases and the activity.
Do I need to track my expenses?
It's important for Thrivent to know how you spent the money that you received in order to support your Thrivent Action Team project. As a best practice, track your purchases with the resource provided on page 3 of your Leader Guidebook. This will greatly help ensure you don't exceed the $250 spending limit.
Do I need to submit receipts for my purchases?
No. However, please retain receipts for all purchases made on the card for up to one year and be prepared to submit applicable receipts if a question arises about a specific charge. As the leader of this project, you are responsible for all purchases made on the Community Impact Card.
Does Thrivent audit card purchases?
Yes. To ensure the Thrivent Action Team program continues to be the generosity generating machine that it is, Thrivent has a responsibility as a fraternal benefit society to show how and where our funds are used to impact the communities where clients live, work and worship. As part of this responsibility, the funds you receive need to be spent in alignment with the project for which you originally applied.

After your project

Congratulations on completing your project! Here are some questions - and answers - about what happens next.
What information will I need for my report at the end of the project?
Tell us how your project made a difference, how others were involved, and how your team was inspired to live generously. We'll also need the following information dependent on the type of activity you are leading:

Service activities:
  • Number of volunteers.
  • Length of event.
  • Number of volunteers.
  • Length of event.
  • Funds raised.
  • Items collected and quantity.
  • Number of attendees.
Educational events:
  • Number of volunteers.
  • Length of event.
  • Number of attendees.
Where do I go to report on my project?
Log in to your Thrivent account to complete Thrivent's official reporting process.
Is it required to complete a report at the end of the project?
Yes. As a fraternal benefit society, it's important for us to understand the impact our clients are making where they live, work and worship. Reporting on your efforts helps ensure we keep the generosity going! Plus, reports must be completed for your project before you can apply for a future project.
I have pictures I want to share from my Thrivent Action Team project. Where can I do that?
We would love for you to share any photos/posts you have from your project on theThrivent Action Teams Hub. However, this does not count as reporting on your project. Please log in to your Thrivent account and complete Thrivent's official reporting process for your Thrivent Action Team project. This gives us the ability to inspire others and promote generosity opportunities to future volunteers.
Still not finding your answer?
Call 1-800-847-4836 and say "Thrivent Action Teams" or read the Terms and Conditions.
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