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Whether you’re making a claim on a disability, long-term care, life or Medicare supplement insurance policy, we're here to help. Start here to find the answers you're looking for.

Annuity & life insurance

Who can report the death of a Thrivent member?
Anyone can report the loss of a loved one. It does not need to be a beneficiary.
How do I report the death of a Thrivent member?
The loss of your loved one can be reported to Thrivent by completing and submitting this Report the Death of a Loved One online form. If you'd prefer to talk to someone at Thrivent about the process for reporting your loss, please contact us at 920-628-6713.
What documents will be needed?
The type of documentation needed varies by the type of product and beneficiary designation. Most Annuity and Insurance claims will require a death certificate and beneficiary election statement.
Does the death certificate need to be mailed?
  • Claims over $250,000 require a certified death certificate to be mailed. 
  • Claims $250,000 and under require a copy to be faxed or mailed. 
Where do I send or fax information to settle a death claim?
  • Our mailing address is: Thrivent, Attn: Claims, 4321 N. Ballard Rd., Appleton, WI 54919 
  • Faxes can be sent to 800-225-2264 

Still have questions?

Contact your Thrivent financial professional or contact us at 920-628-6713. If you have a rotary phone, you may contact us at 800-847-4836 and say "claims" when prompted.

Beneficiary information

How do I know if I am a beneficiary?
On behalf of all of us at Thrivent, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loved one. We will be in contact with the beneficiaries of record within the next 10 business days.

Losing a loved one is a difficult and deeply personal experience. While family and friends may provide emotional support, we have resources that can help you find comfort while guiding you through the decision-making process. These resources are available to you at

We wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time.
How long does it take to receive proceeds from a claim?
Many factors affect the length of time a claim is processed. Thrivent typically requires a death certificate and paperwork that designates how the beneficiary wants to receive the proceeds. Additional documentation may be requested depending upon the specific factors of the claim.

If you have questions on the status of your claim, you may reach out to your Thrivent financial professional or contact us at 920-628-6713.
What options does a beneficiary have?
The options vary based on the type of product and beneficiary designation. If you have a Thrivent financial professional, he or she can assist you with your options. You also can discuss the options with us at 920-628-6713.
Why did I receive a 1099 form from Thrivent?
You received a 1099 because you were a beneficiary of death claim proceeds from a Thrivent product. Please consult your tax professional for assistance.

Still have questions?

Contact your Thrivent financial professional or contact us at 920-628-6713. If you have a rotary phone, you may contact us at 800-847-4836 and say "claims" when prompted.

Disability income insurance

How soon should I file a disability claim?
Please contact Thrivent via phone to notify us of your disability claim as soon as possible. Notice of claim must be given within the time frame specified in the contract.

Thrivent will accept initial notice from the insured, a Thrivent financial professional, spouse, or family member of the insured.

Proof of loss should be received by Thrivent within 90 days from the date of disability. Proof of loss is provided through the submission of the Disability Income Claim Form.
How do I file a claim on my disability income insurance, or what do I do if I have questions not answered here?
Contact our Customer Care Center at 920-628-6714. One of our Claims Professionals will collect some basic information to start the claims process and answer your questions.
Should I complete the Employment Statement?
The Employment Statement contained in the Thrivent Disability Income Claim Form should be completed only if the claimant is a W2 employee. The claimant completes section 1 and the employer completes the remainder of the form.

If the claimant is self-employed, retired, unemployed or a homemaker, the Employment Statement is not required.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 920-628-6714.
Who should fill out the Attending Physician's Statement?
The Attending Physician's Statement contained in the Thrivent Disability Income Claim Form should be completed by the first doctor who treated the claimant and who can verify the disability. Sometimes the original doctor cannot verify the ongoing disability. In those cases, a second Attending Physician's Statement may need to be completed. The claimant completes section one and the doctor's office completes the remainder of the form.

Long-term care insurance

How do I file a long-term care insurance claim?
Contact our Customer Care Center at 920-628-6715. A member of our claims team will collect some basic information from you and refer the claim to one of our claim coordinators.
When is the right time to file a claim for long-term care expense reimbursement?
A notice of claim should be provided soon after an eligible expense is incurred.

Most contracts define eligibility in terms of the assistance you need with activities of daily living (ADLs) due to a physical impairment or assistance needed because of cognitive impairment. Details about benefits and eligibility requirements can be found in your contract. Or, your claim coordinator will walk you through the eligibility requirements, as well as guide you in making an informed decision.
What is a claim coordinator?
Thrivent recognizes that long-term care can be a very difficult time in the lives of our members. Our claim coordinators are here to serve you and make the process simple.

On your behalf, the claim coordinator will shepherd the process from beginning to end and keep you informed along the way. Our research has proven that having a single point of contact who can help you navigate the process will save you time and prevent delays.
How quickly will I hear from my claim coordinator?
A claim coordinator will contact you within 5 to 7 business days of your initial call to report a claim. During this welcome call, the claim coordinator will help answer questions you have about:

  • The claims process. 
  • What is needed during the process. 
  • Benefits contained within the contract. 
  • What the eligibility criteria are to be claim approved. 
How do I determine how much the benefit amount is?
Payment amounts are contained in the contract for insurance. Payment amounts are based on the licensing of the facility, and the care received in that facility. Some contracts pay a different benefit amount for care received in a nursing home versus in an assisted living facility.

Your claim coordinator can help you determine what expenses are eligible for reimbursement and how much you can expect to receive.
Do Thrivent long-term care policies provide reimbursement for expenses covered by Medicare, the Veterans Administration, Medicare supplement policies, or other third parties?
Thrivent's long-term care policies only consider reimbursement for private pay expenses incurred by the claimant. If the expense was completely covered by a third party and the claimant paid nothing out-of-pocket, there will be no reimbursement.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 920-628-6715.

Medicare supplement

Do I need to file a claim or complete a claim form with Thrivent?
No. In most cases, health care providers will file the claim with Medicare, which in turn files an electronic claim with Thrivent.

However, if you do not receive notice from Thrivent within three weeks of your receipt of an Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) from your health care provider, submit to Thrivent a billing statement from the health care provider, along with the corresponding Medicare Summary Notice.

You can:
  • Fax this to 800-225-2264, attention Medicare Supplement Claims, or 
  • Send it to Thrivent, Attn: Medicare Supplement Claims, 4321 N. Ballard Road, Appleton, WI 54919-0001. 
Is there a time limit for filing a claim?
Claims should be filed as soon as reasonably possible. In most states, claims must be filed within one year from the time proof of loss is required, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Do my hospital stays need to be pre-certified?
No. Thrivent medicare supplement insurance contracts do not require pre-certification for inpatient hospital stays.
What information will I receive when Thrivent processes a claim?
You'll always receive a claim payment summary. The summary includes important information such as the provider, the date and description of service, and the amount paid by your Thrivent Medicare Supplement Insurance contract.

Still have questions?

For Medicare Supplement client policy questions, please call 920-628-6717. If you are a provider, please call 855-249-1283.

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