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You've built a life that's worth protecting. So how do you choose the coverage that's right for your family? We make it easy with a variety of options and features, tailored to help meet your needs.

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Term Life Insurance

Looking for affordable insurance with steady rates? Term life insurance helps ensure simple protection during a temporary situation – such as paying a mortgage or putting your kids through school. Benefits include:

  • Generally lower premium payments (compared to permanent insurance) that stay locked in for the term you choose (e.g.,10, 15, 20 or 30 years).
  • A death benefit to help cover financial needs incurred by your loved ones.1
  • Options to convert your policy to permanent insurance.
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Permanent Life Insurance

In addition to a death benefit, permanent life insurance offers lasting protection1 and can help you achieve financial goals while you're still living – made possible through the cash value.2 There are multiple types of permanent coverage:

Whole Life Insurance

A strong option for individuals who prefer consistent premiums and want to build cash value. Whole life insurance offers:

  • Premium payment options you can choose for a set number of years or up to a specific age.
  • Guaranteed purchase options (GPOs) to help preserve future insurability. (GPO's are only available on juvenile policies ages 0-17.)
  • Guaranteed cash value growth that you can borrow from for retirement, college tuition or other major expenses and opportunities.2
  • Annual dividends, which can be accumulated or taken in cash.3

Universal Life Insurance

Suitable for clients who prefer flexibility around their premium payments, death benefit and savings. Universal life insurance offers:

  • Adjustability that puts you in control of your premium amount and payment frequency.
  • Guaranteed increase options (GIOs) to help preserve future insurability. (GIO's are only available on juvenile policies ages 0-17.)
  • Potential for savings growth within your accumulated cash value, dependent on the performance of your contract.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Ideal for clients who want a death benefit and cash value, but also seek higher-risk, higher-reward investments. Variable universe life insurance offers:

  • Flexible minimum and maximum payment options.
  • A separate account that operates like a family of mutual funds – investing the cash component of your contract into the market to potentially yield greater returns.
  • More control of your personal risk tolerance and how your cash value is invested.
  • Guaranteed increase options (GIOs) to help preserve future insurability. (GIO's are only available on juvenile policies ages 0-17.)
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance is offered by Thrivent Investment Management Inc., review their Form CRS Relationship Summary to learn more.

Variable Universal Life Insurance Investment Options

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Variable Universal Life Daily Values and Performance

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. The product and summary prospectus contains information on investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Read carefully before investing.