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Introducing the 2024 T-shirt design

Thank you for helping select the next Live Generously® T-shirt. Clients who apply for a Thrivent Action Team in 2024 will receive gray T-shirts with the new design.
Bring your volunteer project to life
Thrivent’s generosity programs make it easy to give back to the communities around you. If you’re a Thrivent client with membership, you can apply to lead your own Thrivent Action Team today.

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Our Live Generously T-shirt is a Thrivent tradition. Going on nine years of being loved and worn by our clients, it’s our legacy of living generously that is showcased through our clients and their communities.
What is the Live Generously T-shirt? Where does it come from?
The Live Generously T-shirt is a representation of our clients’ generosity. Clients and volunteers earn a T-shirt by leading or participating in fun and unique Thrivent volunteer projects. When you see a Live Generously T-shirt, we hope you are reminded of the impact we make when we all give back together. Read more about its story here.
What does it mean to Live Generously?
From meeting unmet needs in our community, to giving back to causes we care about, living generously is how we make a meaningful impact where we live, work and worship. More than just a shirt, Live Generously signifies our clients’ desire to give back—and to encourage others to as well.
Why does a financial services company care about generosity?
Giving back is important to our clients and is part of what makes us truly unique. Our clients believe in making a difference, and we believe in equipping them with the tools and resources they need to be generous. Driven by a higher purpose at our core, we are committed to providing financial advice, investments, insurance, banking and generosity programs to help people make the most of all they’ve been given.
How do I get a Live Generously T-shirt?
Live Generously® T-shirts are available by leading or participating in a Thrivent Action Team. If you have a Thrivent membership, you can apply to lead your own volunteer team today.
The Thrivent Action Team funds are much appreciated so we can make the contributions of giving back to our communities even more successful. Please keep allowing us to be a part of living generously. Plus, the T-shirts are our absolute favorite!
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