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2021 board election results

Benefit members elected three incumbents to Thrivent’s board in the 2021 election: Deborah “Debbie” A. Ackerman, Mark A. Jeske and Nichole “Nikki” B. Pechet. Their new terms began in February 2022.

For more information about Thrivent’s board members, see the Thrivent leadership page.

If you voted in the election, thank you for voting with purpose!

Detailed results:

Name of Candidate

Qualified Votes1

Deborah “Debbie” A. Ackerman


Mark A. Jeske


Nichole “Nikki” B. Pechet


Randall “Randy” W. Luecke


Allan S. Rudeck Jr.


Make your board recommendations
Any Thrivent client with membership can suggest candidates for the national board of directors. If you know an active Thrivent client with membership who you think would be a strong board candidate, contact your local Thrivent Member Network board chair by May 31. Not sure who that is? Call 800-847-4836; say "fraternal" at the prompt. Or go to and scroll down to enter your ZIP Code. You'll be taken to your Thrivent Member Network page. Click on "Contact Us."

You also can make candidate suggestions for your local Thrivent Member Network Regional Board. Simply fill out the form at

1 Tabulated by YesElections Powered by Election America, an independent election services company.