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5 ways to care for caregivers

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Meaningful gestures can make a difference during challenging times

It’s challenging to be a caregiver. And it’s especially difficult during the pandemic, when people may not be comfortable with in-person activities. If you want to provide support to a caregiver, here are some ideas of how you can help.

1. Listen without judgment

From heartfelt conversations to simple text messages, let caregivers know you are there for them. Provide emotional support by being a trusted confidante. Offer your thoughts when they ask.

2. Pamper them

Take them out to lunch or give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or for services at a salon or spa. Go shopping or go on a walk around the neighborhood. Look for ways to give them time to practice self-care regularly.

3. Tackle their to-do lists

Whether it’s grocery shopping, driving kids to activities or doing a couple of loads of laundry, ask if there are practical tasks (big or small) you can help with.

4. Help them feel included

It’s easy for caregivers to feel isolated. Set up a virtual happy hour or book club meeting with the caregiver and other friends. Even if they can’t attend, they will appreciate the thought. Make sure your invitations come without pressure.

5. Start a meal train

Coordinate a group of people to drop off meals at the caregiver’s house. Some meals can be frozen for later.

By Anya Britzius