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Ideas for leading a Thrivent Action Team

Do you want to make an impact in the communities, causes and lives of people you care about? Thrivent Action Teams, a benefit for Thrivent members, was designed to help you.

“They were created to empower members to live lives of service and faith by leading a service activity, a fundraiser or educational event in their community,” says Emily Hendren, director of Member Engagement Strategies at Thrivent. “We want to show up in the moments that matter for our members, and this is one of the many ways that we do that.”

Here, Hendren shares five ideas of ways members can lead a Thrivent Action Team and how to use the up to $250 of seed money that comes with the project.

1. Provide comfort

Add some coziness to a hospital room by gathering a group of friends to make blankets for patients at your local children’s hospital. Use the seed money to purchase blanket materials and supplies.

2. Improve your school

Assemble backpacks for kids who need school supplies, or launch an after-school snack program for kids dealing with food insecurity. Use the seed money to purchase snacks, backpacks and supplies.

3. Serve at your church

Put together a summer community barbecue or Vacation Bible School (VBS) with your church. Use the seed money to purchase food for meals, supplies for outdoor kids’ games, or VBS starter kits and programs.

4. Teach others

Host a workshop to teach people in your community something new—anything from personal finance and budgeting to mental health awareness or how to cook healthy, budget-friendly meals. Use the seed money to hire an expert, rent out a space, or for marketing and promotional materials.

5. Host an event

Raise awareness and money for your favorite cause by hosting a fundraising event, providing food or beverages—whether that’s a pancake breakfast, a coffee hour or a full dinner. Use the seed money to promote the event, purchase food or buy door prizes for donors.

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Need more inspiration? Check out the Thrivent Action Teams Hub and take a look at activities others have done.

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