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What does it mean to you to live generously?

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Thrivent Magazine readers share their thoughts to our quarterly Good Question.

Living generously to me means to give up what I have the least of. For me, that is time as I approach my 80th birthday. Therefore, some of my remaining time is given as a volunteer tutor for an adult literacy nonprofit group.
Sharon Moe Furl, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Living generously means sharing what you have. It might be wealth, something as simple as a smile or a hug, or just part of your time. I have been blessed with good health and have been able to donate platelets every two weeks knowing that God has truly blessed me.
Sue Gruttadauria, Buffalo, New York

I think that living generously is about giving of yourself. Whether it is financial or your time, you give to help others out. If I have and can give to a cause or just help another out, I do what I can. Always tithing to my church is important to me. The feeling I get, no matter how I give, is the best.
Jonathan Bouse, Wabash, Indiana

When responding to disaster recovery, I take along some stuffed animals that our preschool collects. For children who have lost all their personal belongings, a stuffed animal of their own can become their security blanket. The joy that I see on their faces warms my heart.
David Vollrath, Elgin, Illinois   

Always try and place others’ needs before your own and remember that God is pleased with cheerful givers.
C.J. Reed, St. Charles, Missouri

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