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Women's History Month: 6 ways to support & celebrate women

The month of March—Women's History Month—is a time to celebrate women throughout history and reflect on the progress that's been made toward gender equality. However, the month is also an important reminder that there are still many areas where improvement is needed, especially when it comes to empowering and uplifting all women.

Beyond reflecting on what's been accomplished, you can use Women's History Month to take action and advance women's contributions in a variety of areas. Here are six ideas for getting involved.

1. Support businesses & brands led by women

Women-owned and women-led businesses and brands are an essential part of the modern economy, and supporting them is a great way to further gender equality. You can back them several different ways, including:

  • Buying products and services from businesses owned by women
  • Promoting women-owned or led businesses and brands on social media
  • Investing in women-owned companies
  • Donating your services or expertise to female entrepreneurs

2. Donate to charities that empower women & girls

Contributing to charities that empower women and girls is a pivotal way to help create a more equitable world. Many incredible organizations are working to support women and end gender discrimination. Take the time to learn about organizations, either by speaking to people in your local community or using a website like Charity Navigator, and find a nonprofit that aligns with your values and vision for the future.

Once you've found a nonprofit you would like to support, make your donation go further by using matching resources. Many employers match their employees' charitable contributions; check with your Human Resources or benefits team to see if your employer offers donation matching.

If you opt to donate by giving money online, consider whether there are fees involved and how much of your donation will ultimately end up with the organization you're supporting. On Thrivent's website, anyone can make a personal donation to your favorite enrolled organization, and Thrivent pays the processing fees. Eligible clients with membership can also direct Choice Dollars® to the organization of their choice.

If you're a Thrivent client with membership, and your favorite nonprofit is not listed in the Thrivent Choice catalog, you can show your support by nominating them. This allows the organization to receive online personal donations through the Thrivent giving platform, be supported by Thrivent Action Teams and receive Choice Dollars® grant funding.

3. Volunteer your time & talents with organizations that support women

Sharing your time and talents with organizations that support and empower women is another great way to make an impact and give back to the community. Volunteering is something you can do on your own, or you can gather friends and family members for a service project dedicated to helping women or girls in need. For eligible Thrivent clients with membership, Thrivent Action Teams can amplify your generosity with additional funding and resources.

Thrivent client Katherine Sensabaugh used a Thrivent Action Team for a service project with the Bloomington Women in Leadership Group. The group of successful women came together to assemble 200 feminine hygiene kits for girls with limited access to such products. They wrote encouraging, handwritten notes in each kit and gave them to local schools for distribution in the school bathrooms.

Before you begin, it's a good idea to reach out to the organization you want to support to learn more about their needs.

4. Share your expertise in a field where more women are needed

You can use your skills and connections to illuminate career paths for girls and women in fields where women are underrepresented.

For example, Thrivent client Emily Koehler and a team of volunteers hosted a "Women in Science and Engineering Night" at her local high school. They invited speakers from local businesses and educational institutions to talk about their careers in science and engineering, providing ideas and inspiration for girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Consider how your own professional expertise might benefit women and girls. If you work in a traditionally male-dominated field or trade, you might offer tutoring services or vocational training for girls. If you work in HR, you could help women who are trying to return to the workforce assemble a resume or prepare for a job interview. Training and mentoring programs can help women and girls gain the skills they need to succeed and break down barriers to educational opportunities.

When hosting such an event, be sure to tailor the content to the needs of your audience and strive for inclusivity.

5. Invite people to learn about & appreciate the contributions of women

Another way to honor women during Women's History Month is to host a book club focusing on books by or about women. Invite people from your community or online network to come together and discuss how the book relates to the current state of gender inequality in today's world.

You could also work with a local theater to host a movie night featuring films or documentaries that focus on women's achievements and struggles—either historical or current-day. Ask your audience to think critically about what they've seen and discuss the topics brought up.

Another creative idea is to create an exhibit showcasing the work of inspiring female artists. Invite people to check out the pieces and contribute their thoughts on how to continue to empower women in all facets of life.

6. Support women's sports

Over 50 years ago, Title IX gave women athletes the right to equal opportunity in sports at educational institutions that receive federal funds. While that was a monumental stride toward leveling the playing field in sports, there is still work to be done.

Research has found that the average female professional athlete makes anywhere from 15% to 100% less than her average male counterpart. Additionally, coverage of women athletes accounts for only 5.4% of all airtime on sports TV news and highlight shows.

One way to support women's sports is by attending a professional women's sporting event or purchasing team merchandise. This can show your support for these talented athletes and help show advertisers and sponsors that women's sports can attract spectators and draw a crowd.

You can also support girls' sports teams in your community with donations to offset the costs of uniforms, travel and other expenses that can be out of reach for many young athletes. Thrivent client Sara Mouser used a Thrivent Action Team to host a fundraiser dinner for her daughter's college soccer team.

Need more inspiration?

Thrivent supports its members in their efforts to live generously and positively contribute to their communities. To get more information and inspiration for your next project, visit our Thrivent Action Teams Hub. From brainstorming ideas to stories celebrating the impact of generosity, the Hub has everything you need for success in one convenient location.

Considering these Women's History Month ideas is a fantastic way to begin supporting women in your community with your time, attention and money. As you form new bonds with the women around you, you'll likely discover new opportunities to connect and support women and girls throughout the rest of the year.

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