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Thrivent Member Network—regional board advised grant recommendation form

Thank you for recommending an organization for a grant from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans under the Thrivent Member Network—Regional Board Advised Grant Program. Please note the following before completing this form:

Who is eligible?

  • Charitable, educational or religious organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Unrestricted grants to support the charitable activities of public charities such as community foundations, United Way, etc. are permitted.

Who is not eligible?

  • Political groups, and public preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools.
  • Private foundations and individuals.
  • Foreign organizations, institutions or agencies.
  • Organizations with a primary purpose of providing services for or advocating positions either supporting or opposing certain social, politically partisan or health and human services causes and issues, such as abortion, sexual orientation or guns.

What is not permitted?

  • Re-granting the grant through third party "fiscal agent" organizations, including donor-advised funds in the name of the Regional Board Member.
  • Donations toward lobbying or political activity of any kind.
  • Using the grant to fulfill current or future personal pledges or obligations of any person, to provide any economic or similar benefits to persons recommending grants, or to pay dues or other membership fees for any person.

One or more recommendations may be made in a calendar year subject to the Regional Board Member's annual limit under the grant budget determined for the program.

Minimum recommendation per grant is $2,500. Annual granting limit is $10,000. Grant requests are due on or before December 1st.

Recommendations of grant recipients and amounts made by Thrivent Member Network Regional Board Members are advisory only and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans retains sole discretion to determine grant recipients and amounts. Thrivent may decline to follow any grant recommendations, at its sole discretion.

NOTE: For general questions contact Kate Stahl at or 612-844-3374. For grant process questions contact Cindy Nigbur at or 612-844-8322.

To learn more about the privacy of your information, visit our privacy policy.
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