Whether you are a savvy investor or just starting out, it's important to invest wisely, prudently and with help from a professional.

Why invest with Thrivent? We have professional portfolio managers to take care of your funds and we have more than $136 billion in assets under advisement.1 Start your investment journey with us as your guide.

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Programs we offer

Investing is a journey that starts with a holistic, customized strategy – something our financial representatives specialize in. They'll help you choose from a range of investment options – including mutual funds and managed accounts – to build a diversified portfolio specific to your unique goals and preferences.

  • Mutual funds

    Thrivent Mutual Funds spread your risk across various investments, and are managed by investment professionals. In addition to diversification and professional money management, mutual funds offer liquidity, which means you can access your assets at any time.

  • Interval funds

    Thrivent Church Loan and Income Fund gives you the opportunity to impact Christian churches and other non-profit organizations with a Christian mission.3

  • Retail brokerage accounts

    Thrivent retail brokerage accounts let you expand your portfolio by investing directly in individual stocks, bonds or a wider range of mutual funds. Certain Thrivent Representatives may limit their offerings to mutual funds within the retail brokerage account. In any case, you have access to hundreds of investments; you make all investment decisions. You pay a commission or sales charge on each transaction.

Managed Account Programs

Our Managed Account programs provide ongoing investment advice – along with personalized service – to help keep you on track with your investment goals. These programs vary, allowing you to choose how involved you want to be with investment decisions. The annual fee is determined based on a percentage of your assets and aligned to the level of service that is right for you.

  • Shepherd Managed Portfolios2

    Thrivent Shepherd Managed Portfolios combine four decades of indexing expertise with Vanguard's low cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You choose from a series of well-diversified portfolios constructed by Vanguard's Investment Strategy Group.

  • Genesis Managed Portfolios2

    With this program you gain access to portfolios constructed by BlackRock's Model Portfolio Solutions team composed of cost-effective iShares ETFs. A pioneer in ETF portfolio construction, BlackRock takes a more tactical approach to investing by strategically crafting their allocations to identify the best investment opportunities.

  • SELECT Managed Portfolios2

    SELECT Managed Portfolios are constructed by Thrivent Asset Management personnel and offer tax-deferred or tax-sensitive options consisting of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These portfolios are designed with a range of investment styles to help you meet your financial goals as they grow and change.

  • Income-Focused Managed Portfolios2

    The Thrivent Income-Focused Managed Portfolio offers two model portfolios constructed by Thrivent Asset Management personnel; each with two distribution options. One model distributes all interest, dividends and capital gains to clients at intervals they choose. The other automatically reinvests all income back into the account. Each model is built using a variety of asset classes, investment styles and a combination of actively managed mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

  • Shield Managed Portfolio2

    The Shield Managed Portfolio is designed to give investors access to liquid alternative investment strategies that are constructed by Fund Evaluation Group. The Portfolio's investment objective is to provide diversification to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds through consistent capital appreciation and downside protection in times of falling markets.

  • Advisor Program2

    Thrivent Advisor Program lets you work with your Thrivent Financial Representative to build a portfolio using a variety of investments, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds and exchange-traded funds. While your Thrivent Financial Representative will provide ongoing guidance and help manage your assets, you are empowered to make all the investment decisions.

  • Thrivent AdvisorFlex Managed Variable Annuity Program2

    Thrivent AdvisorFlex Managed Variable Annuity Program combines the benefits of having a flexible premium deferred variable annuity with the personalized service of an advisory program. You'll have the option to choose from a variety of sub account investment options.

  • Advisor Guided Program

    Thrivent Advisor Guided Program is a discretionary investment advisory program. This means your financial representative develops an agreed-upon asset allocation strategy or model portfolio using a variety of investments, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Your financial representative buys, sells or effects transactions in your account, which may include adjusting the strategy or model account portfolio.

  • Separately Managed Accounts2

    Thrivent Separately Managed Accounts give you access to investment advisory services provided by select third-party money managers. You benefit from their experience and receive an investment strategy designed to achieve your investment objectives, taking into account your goals and risk management requirements.

  • Unified Managed Accounts2

    Thrivent Unified Managed Accounts bring together all investment services. Your Thrivent Financial representative will analyze your investment objectives and provide recommendations as to how you can effectively allocate your account assets among the available third-party money managers, mutual funds and ETF options. By centralizing your assets within this program, you'll be assured your investments are coordinated under one investment strategy.

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