No matter who you are, planning for retirement can be challenging. Annuities may help eliminate the guesswork. They offer options to help you save for retirement and turn your assets into a steady income stream when the time is right. You decide when and how to take income.

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Never too early to save

Retirement may seem far away, but it sneaks up fast. Annuities may help make saving for your retirement goals manageable.

Supplement your savings

Some annuities offer guarantees to help you create balance among the assets you've earmarked for your retirement.1

Rejoice in retirement

Kids grown? Mortgage paid off? Annuities may help provide the income you need to retire your way.

Immediate Annuities

If you're looking for a way to transform an amount of money – like an inheritance or IRA rollover – into income that can last the rest of your life, consider an immediate annuity. May pay a death benefit to the people or causes you care about.

  • Several income payout options.
  • Payouts begin immediately.
  • May pay a death benefit to the people or causes you care about.

Deferred Annuities1

Deferred annuities may help you achieve your retirement savings goals. You won't pay income taxes until you start taking money out and you get a minimum guaranteed interest rate on fixed annuities. You can choose how and when to receive your income from several payout options, including lifetime income.

  • May pay a death benefit to the people or causes you care about.
  • Options to lock in a future income stream – now or later.
  • Income-tax-deferred growth.

Deferred income annuities

There is a type of deferred annuity, called a deferred income annuity, that is designed solely to create a guaranteed future income. In exchange for higher income payments later, you give up liquidity. With deferred income annuities, you receive guaranteed income payments for the rest of your life.1

  • Start taking income payments when you want via several payout options.

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"We're outdoor enthusiasts and into sports. When we stop working, our plan is to be able to replace part of our current income and still continue with our active lifestyle. We don't want to miss a beat."*