Annuities for Retirement Planning

No matter who you are, planning for retirement can be challenging. Annuities may help eliminate the guesswork.

They offer options to help you save for retirement and turn your assets into a steady income stream when the time is right. You decide when and how to take income.

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Never too early to save

Retirement may seem far away, but it sneaks up fast. Annuities may help make saving for your retirement goals manageable.

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Supplement your savings

Some annuities offer guarantees to help you create balance among the assets you've earmarked for your retirement.1

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Rejoice in retirement

Kids grown? Mortgage paid off? Annuities may help provide the income you need to retire your way.

What is an annuity?

It's an investment product that provides an income stream for the future, usually after retirement. The two main types of annuities are deferred and immediate.

Additional options to consider

In addition to picking an immediate or deferred payment structure, there are also fixed and variable annuity options to consider.

Fixed: How it works

Fixed annuities earn interest at a set rate. Every fixed annuity has a current interest rate and a minimum guaranteed interest rate. The current interest rate is usually declared on an annual basis.


Fixed annuities are not affected by ups and downs in the market. Plus, they also guarantee a minimum interest rate.


Since fixed annuities are credited interest at a set rate, it is possible that the value of the annuity will not keep pace with inflation.

Variable: How it works

Variable annuities earn investment returns based on the performance of the subaccounts chosen.


Because funds are invested in variable subaccounts, they may keep up with – or even outpace – inflation.


Investments are subject to market fluctuations, so a variable annuity is riskier and can lose principalMore Information.

The amount of the original investment.


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