Term Life Insurance

Life is full of ups and downs. During hard times, it may be your finances feeling the crunch. At the same time, your need for protection may be as high as ever. Depending on your situation, term life insurance may be a simple solution.

It's generally the most affordable way to get the coverage you need for a set period of time. With term, you can lock in rates for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

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When Term Life Insurance Makes Sense

1 in 4 families think life insurance from employer is enough but experts say it's not

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"Life insurance allowed me to breathe, focus on recovery and enjoy a family road trip."*

Not sure if term life insurance is the right choice for you?

You may want to consider whole life insurance instead. It provides level premiums, lifelong protection and a guaranteed death benefit.

CloseWhat Qualifies for Non-tobacco Rates

Tobacco is defined as use of any tobacco or nicotine product (such as cigarette, cigar, pipe, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarette, nicotine gum/patch, etc).
If you have not used a tobacco or nicotine product within:

  • 12 months, you may qualify for standard non-tobacco rates if you qualify for standard rates after underwriting is complete.
  • 24 months, you may qualify for preferred non-tobacco rates if you qualify for preferred rates after underwriting is complete.
  • 36 months, you may qualify for super-preferred nontobacco rates if you qualify for super-preferred rates after underwriting is complete.