Disability Income Insurance

Protecting your income isn't just for you – it's for the people you love, too. Disability income insurance replaces a portion of your income if you can't work for an extended period of time due to sickness or injury.

One of the most important decisions you can make is to insure your income. We'll help you find a contract that fits your needs and budget.

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Stay-at-home spouse?

Just a few insurers offer disability protection to spouses who stay home and keep their households running. Thrivent Financial is one of them.

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Could it happen to you?

It's estimated that 1 out of 4 working adults in the U.S. will become disabled before they retire.1

Disability benefits replace about half your income.

Work coverage?

Employer-sponsored group disability benefits typically replace about half of your income.2

Who needs Disability Income Insurance?

Get started with these 5 questions

1. Do you have coverage through your employer?

If you have coverage through your employer, it may only cover half of your paycheck and is most likely short term. Take time today to find out how much coverage you have and what the monthly maximum limit is. Would it be enough if you were unable to work? As you move between jobs, an individual contract means you can take your coverage with you, wherever your job may lead you.

2. What's your current financial situation?

Your paycheck is likely your greatest financial asset. So if you are starting a business, are self-employed or are working as a freelancer, disability income insurance is even more important to consider. Evaluate your current financial situation and determine if your reserves are sufficient enough to bring you through a disability.

3. Do you need short- or long-term coverage?

Thrivent offers both short- and long-term contracts. Employer insurance is most likely short term. Short-term contracts generally begin paying benefits after one or two weeks, and can continue for three to 12 months, or until long-term benefits begin. Long-term coverage can range from six months to 10 years, or to ages 65 or 70.

4. How much coverage do you need?

Our simple insurance calculator can help you quickly estimate the income you would need to protect your lifestyle if you couldn't work.

5. How much will it cost?

It's important to ensure your paycheck is protected.Contact your financial representative today to receive a quote.

Member's Voice

"Without disability income insurance, we would have been in dire straits, and we're not high-on-the-hog people. The insurance helped maintain our standard of living."*