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Take advantage of opportunities and optimizations to enhance your financial plan.
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Explore how different life events or financial changes could impact your overall plan.
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All your finances in one place. So you can see how everything fits together.

You might be wondering ...

Here’s a helpful list of FAQs about the limited-time offer to get free access to a NewRetirement PlannerPlus account. Find more answers about this powerful personal finance tool at
What is available to me on the NewRetirement platform?
NewRetirement is a financial wellness and planning platform designed to deliver a personalized experience that helps people improve financial literacy and make good financial decisions. It provides access to:

  • Financial wellness content
  • Directional guidance
  • Built-in digital coach
  • Tools like the NewRetirement Planner and Roth Conversion Explorer
  • In-depth finance classes
  • Live Ask Me Anything (AMA) monthly events
How does NewRetirement ensure the security of my personal information?
NewRetirement takes your security and privacy as seriously as you do. They employ best practice security measures throughout their platform to ensure all of your information remains secure. Please review their Privacy Policy for more information.
Are there any fees associated with my NewRetirement PlannerPlus account?
If you created your NewRetirement account during a promotion, you are encouraged to continue using your free access to PlannerPlus for the remainder of the promotional term, free of charge. Upon expiration, you will have the option to continue your PlannerPlus account access at your own expense or downgrade to the basic version of NewRetirement at no additional cost.
Is financial advice included in my NewRetirement PlannerPlus account?
Through your NewRetirement Basic and PlannerPlus account, Thrivent provides direct access to their licensed financial advisors. In a 1:1 session a Thrivent financial advisor can help you review your retirement goals and, if needed, adjust your plan.
Can I integrate personal accounts within my NewRetirement PlannerPlus plan?
You can manually enter your personal account information or opt to link third-party accounts.
Can scenarios modeled in the NewRetirement platform be saved or exported for future reference?
Yes, scenario modeling is an important part of the platform that won’t affect your baseline plan. Here is a guide to get started, a video walkthrough and a list of the types of scenarios you can model.
Can I use the NewRetirement planner with a personal financial advisor I already partner with?
You are welcome to share your plan with your personal financial advisor. We make it easy for you to download and print your plan. Here is a short how-to video about how to do this.
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