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Locally, Thrivent clients have joined together to make a difference right where they live, work and worship. Through our Thrivent Member Network, they’ve held fundraisers for causes they care about, organized service projects to help families in need, and learned new ways to be wise with what they’ve been given. Their passion for helping others continues to make an impact in nearly every corner of our wonderful community.
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Heart for Hunger
Heart for Hunger is a partnership between Thrivent, the University of Minnesota Gopher Football, and Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities. Since 2017, Heart for Hunger has raised nearly $500,000 to support Union Gospel Mission’s food distribution – providing meals to families and individuals in need here in the Twin Cities. Thrivent clients come together to help feed the 321,800 Twin Cities-area residents and families who experience food insecurity through food drives, Thrivent Action Teams, and in-kind donations.

Support Heart for Hunger
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Amplify your impact
Last year, 4,000 Thrivent clients gathered together with 60,000 volunteers to raise $5.4 million for causes they care about through Thrivent Action Team projects. Sarah used her Thrivent Action Team to combine her skills and passion to host a small business seminar for female veterans. Marika used hers to help support youth in need over the holidays. And Jenn used hers in her kindergarten classroom to assemble resource baskets for parents of Down Syndrome babies.

Learn more about Thrivent Action Teams
Member Highlight: Jennifer Hadley
Each year, Jennifer Hadley teams up with neighbors to host several trash pick-up dates in the Hamline Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, MN.

"Picking up trash outside was a great activity to do after COVID became a little less of an issue since people could easily be socially distanced, and the events were/are outside. We all thoroughly enjoyed getting to chat after being holed up for several months, creating connections in the community and developing friendships.

After announcing my “thank you to Thrivent” after one cleanup event, a participant asked me more about Thrivent Action Teams and even got one going himself!

Picking up trash in our community helps each neighbor feel a greater sense of pride in the neighborhood and connection with one another. Plus, knowing those who live around you creates a safer neighborhood. We hope, also, that people are less inclined to litter if there isn’t a lot of trash around.

My hope is that serving our community helps improve the neighborhood. It certainly improves our lives – it brings us a sense of accomplishment and makes us feel good about the trash that’s now gone and the fun we’ve had together."

Thank you, Jennifer! We are proud to have Members like you.

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