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Helping Thrivent clients make an impact in our community and achieve financial clarity.
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Thrivent Member Network
Learn how Thrivent Member Networks give back.

What is a Thrivent Member Network?

We’re a community of Thrivent clients like you—committed to helping each other make local impacts and reach financial goals. From generosity programs like Thrivent Action Teams and our Habitat for Humanity partnership, to financial workshops, social events and more—our Thrivent Member Network helps you make the most of all you've been given. Watch the video to see a Thrivent Member Network in action!

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Feb 7, 2023
As a Thrivent member, you have access to a suite of tools and resources designed to help you be wise with money and live a more content, confident and generous life. From helping you be wise with money to supporting your desire to live generously, Thrivent is here to guide you on your journey.
Mar 2, 2023
Online Event
The landscape of generosity is changing. Explore generosity far beyond dollars given and hours served. Discover a framework to cultivate generosity in your church and community. Based on a new study by Thrivent and Barna.
Apr 13, 2023
Online Event
With the best of intentions, churches may embrace practices, language, or priorities that hinder people from connecting faith in Christ to all of life. The good news is that with honest reflection and intentionality, churches can pursue a better path, prioritizing language and habits that help people live more integrated lives.

Generosity programs

The opportunity to give back and its importance to our clients is part of what sets Thrivent apart from the rest. Explore opportunities to meet the needs in your community, give back to the causes that mean most to you, and get tools and resources to make a difference.

Apply to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event. We’ll provide seed money and planning materials to bring your most generous ideas to life.
Maximize your generosity to the charities and causes you care about most – now and into the future through a strategic charitable plan.
Help us ensure that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. You can create a lasting impact on a local or global scale for someone in need.

Want to make a financial impact? Make a personal donation or direct Thrivent Choice Dollars to causes and nonprofits important to you.

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