Christian Leader Webinar Series

In this limited series, More than Money Matters extends beyond everyday consumers and focuses on equipping pastors and leaders of Christian non-profits with insights and tools designed to navigate the financial complexities of their organizations.

Finding 'Hidden' Funding Sources

Imagine starting a new program without having to ask for more money. Not only is it possible; it’s not that difficult. Thrivent Church Financing hosts a conversation on how to start.

During the session, you'll learn how to uncover funding sources to help:

  • Finance for future economic conditions.
  • Create outlets for planned giving.
  • Increase cash flow without increasing income.
Watch Finding Hidden Funding Sources webinar

Endowments for Tomorrow

As a leader of a church or nonprofit, you may be wondering how to best leverage endowments for your organization. Thrivent, in partnership with InFaith Community Foundation share information on this topic.

During the session, you’ll learn more about:

  • Understanding the role and purpose of endowments
  • Attracting planned gifts to grow your endowment
  • Raising awareness of your endowment
Watch Endowments for Tomorrow webinar