What's your financial attitude?


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  1. When logging into my bank account, I feel...

Question 2 of 11

  1. I check my bank accounts or credit card balance weekly.

Question 3 of 11

  1. Thinking about the state of my personal finances makes me feel...

Question 4 of 11

  1. I get confused by financial jargon.

Question 5 of 11

  1. I pay off my credit card bill in full each month.

Question 6 of 11

  1. I have the means to give to a church or cause that I care about.

Question 7 of 11

  1. I feel confident that I can stick to a monthly budget.

Question 8 of 11

  1. I am comfortable with the amount of money in my emergency savings fund.

Question 9 of 11

  1. I use advertisements, coupons, and discounts to save money when shopping.

Question 10 of 11

  1. If gifted $1,000 right now, I would save...

Question 11 of 11

  1. I am determined to follow my retirement plan.